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Trial of Style Token
Earned by participating in the Trial of Style. Can be exchanged for transmoggable gear in Dalaran.

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Quick Facts
  • Category: Miscellaneous
  • Quality: Normal
  • Total cap: 200

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By Caerule on 28 May 2017 (Patch 7.2.5 )

There are 4 Ensembles you can buy per season, each for 60 Trial of Style Token, found in the Mog Week boxes earned in the Trial of Style competition. You can buy them from transmogrifiers in major cities, also when the event is no longer ongoing.

The Season 1 rewards in 2017 were:
Ensemble: Mana-Etched Regalia, which unlocks the cloth set [transmog-set=877].
Ensemble: Obsidian Prowler's Garb, unlocking the leather set [transmog-set=389].
Ensemble: Der'izu Armor, which enables the mail set [transmog-set=280].
Ensemble: Righteous Battleplate, which makes available the plate [transmog-set=927] set.
Each ensemble unlocked a set also fully available from Burning Crusade content.

The Season 2 rewards in 2018 are:
INVALID_ITEM #157573. which unlocks the cloth armor set [transmog-set=1656] with a lot of previously unavailable pieces.
INVALID_ITEM #157574. which unlocks the leather set [transmog-set=1347] with its missing boots.
INVALID_ITEM #157576. which unlocks the mail set [transmog-set=1068] with its missing shoulderpads.
INVALID_ITEM #157577. which unlocks the a recolor of the Warrior Tier 1 armor plate set [transmog-set=685].

If you win the competition and get the Stylish! buff, you can also buy the Fashionable Undershirt for 1 token.

Future years are likely to get further sets available every time. Previous season sets will remain available.

By bonelink on 17 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

Each ensemble costs 60 tokens to buy, and the shirt costs one token aswell!

By hevgirl on 15 Apr 2017 (Patch 7.2.5 )

- The Trial of Style -

When you enter the tournament, you join a party with 5 players.
You are given 2 minutes to create a Xmog around a specific theme, using items in your current player wardrobe.
You can change your character's appearance to match your new Xmog with the Barber Chairs, (hair style, eyes, piercings, etc).
There's no cheating! Everyone is dressed in plain robes to hide their Xmogs until the big reveal when everyone is ready, (or 2 mins are up).

After everyone is dressed, you get put on stage with another player and everyone else votes on either contestant ( Vote: Contestant A, Vote: Contestant B).
The two contestants on stage can strike various predetermined poses on their vehicle action bar: Wave, Cheer, Dance.

After several rounds of voting, depending on how you place, you win an Xmog prize:
Trial of Style Reward: First Place, Trial of Style Reward: Second Place, Trial of Style Reward: Third Place, Trial of Style Consolation Prize.
This contains Trial of Style Token which can be turned into Xmog gear in Dalaran! The weekly winner currently receives 50 tokens.

These are the current possible themes:

  • Summer Styles
  • Winter Wear
  • Ready for Battle
  • Fun and Flirty
  • Mismatched Mayhem
  • Fire and Ice
  • Dark and Deadly
  • Faction Pride
  • Primal Style
  • Heroes of Azeroth
  • Make Me Laugh
  • Tabard Time
  • Everyday Heroes
  • Epic Purple
  • Champions of the Light
  • Freestyle!

By samijo25 on 18 Jun 2017 (Patch 7.2.5 )

Looking through the in-game Calander, it appears they only have the event held once a year.. Will there be more than one event, or no?
By Random33698 on 16 Jul 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

It is on the calendar for 2017 - August 17
By Hammabalon on 18 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

If you inspect the others and click on View in dressing room, you can see what mogs the others are going with tho
By OneRing on 18 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

"There's no cheating!" Yeah, except for when three people from the same guild show up just to vote for each other. Sigh.

By Lucetia2896 on 17 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

For anyone curious on how many you get, this is my running total so far:

1st place: 50 tokens + 5 day buff to buy Fashionable Undershirt (Looks like it gives 50 always)
2nd place: 35 Tokens
Consolation: 11-16 Tokens

By woofpuppy on 17 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

3rd place is 25 tokens
By Daeveren on 20 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

I got 16 myself.

By Grumar on 17 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

Well, I already got all the rewards in the first hour of playing....thanks for the extensive selection of rewards there blizzard. Guess I'll just save these other 300+ tokens?

By Chonar on 17 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

Very disappointing, yeah. Hope they add more stuff in the future...
By dmonroe on 19 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

My daughter, the transmog guru, already has two characters with max 200 tokens plus another 150+ in unopened prize boxes. We have purchased all the available sets. It would be really nice to have more items available to spend them on. All this in just a few hours of scenarios. But this has been her favorite micro-holiday so far!!
By SylvanElf on 07 Mar 2018 (Patch 7.3.5 )

Patience folks! it's only just begun! I can't wait for this to be built upon. Also, this almost seems like what the "Dance Studio" could have been....

By fruitstripes on 18 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

I am so confused. Just did the trial of style thing, got 200 tokens but can only spend 61. dont understand why they let you get so many and can spend less than a half stack. what else am i supposed to use these for.

By smallsith on 18 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

well, i highly doubt they'd ever expand the prizes...

By Yusufamir on 16 May 2017 (Patch 7.2.5 )

I wonder, what will the gear from the vendor be? I really hope they add a bunch of missing pieces to tier sets, and other sets that are incomplete.

By Terrorshark on 31 May 2017 (Patch 7.2.5 )

They won't be. Unfortunately, they changed it from an event to a micro holiday. And like all micro-holidays, the reward can't be unique or people would complain they were "sick or have a job" and couldn't participate so they missed out. As such, the rewards are simply sets that can already be easily obtained in the game (TBC dungeons). Real shame, so much potential, wasted.
By Random33698 on 16 Jul 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

Totally agree. This would be a great event to add back in all the stuff that was taken out (such as specialized professions that were taken out prior to cata - like armor blacksmithing and the like) or things that are no longer available in the game. From what I can tell, it is a 5 day event. So not so micro. I hope they rethink this holiday and make it bigger.
By Nadanson on 20 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

Agreed. This could have been really fun if there were better rewards. I already had some of the pieces that were awarded with the mail set. That's another thing. There are no class sets. The sets go by armor type. My Shaman got the Mail set and when i logged on my Hunter it was already in his sets. Why compete if I already have it? Boo Blizzard, this could have been really a lot more fun for us who enjoy Mogs.

By ModishVision on 21 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

To start the Trial of Style Micro-holiday you need to visit a main city, and speak with a transmogrifier to queue up for the scenario placing you into a party
Once it begins you will see what the chosen theme is for the scenario, while giving you two minutes to prepare your transmog.
You will notice you can change your transmog, and also get a quick trim using a barber chair on either side of the room.

When it begins there will be a countdown, and two players will be selected to go against each other.
Simply decide which one you like better and vote!

When it is your turn to be on the stage you are able to grab more attention by pressing either of these 3 buttons
Wave Cheer Dance

Once the rounds of judging is completed then the top 3 will be announced rewarding the winners with the following
First Place Trial of Style Reward: First Place = 50 Tokens
Second Place Trial of Style Reward: Second Place = 35 Tokens
Third Place Trial of Style Reward: Third Place = 25 Tokens
Trial of Style Consolation Prize for those not in the top 3.. will still give 11-16ish Trial of Style Token

Once you obtain enough Trial of Style Token you may return to the transmogrifier
You can buy either Fashionable Undershirt for 5x Trial of Style Token or any of the ensembles below for 60x
Ensemble: Righteous Battleplate
Ensemble: Der'izu Armor
Ensemble: Obsidian Prowler's Garb
Ensemble: Mana-Etched Regalia

The Different Themes
  • Summer Styles
  • Winter Wear
  • Ready for Battle
  • Fun and Flirty
  • Mismatched Mayhem
  • Fire and Ice
  • Dark and Deadly
  • Faction Pride
  • Primal Style
  • Heroes of Azeroth
  • Make Me Laugh
  • Tabard Time
  • Everyday Heroes
  • Epic Purple
  • Champions of the Light
  • Freestyle!
Need to see it for yourself? Check out the video below.

By Keshayra on 22 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

The Fashionable Undershirt sells for one token and not five as you listed. The buff it gives stacks btw.

By facelifter on 14 Apr 2017 (Patch 7.2.5 )

These are the rewards from "The trial of Style" transmog competition coming in 7.2.5 you will be able to buy transmog items in Dalaran with them. You get them from the Mog Week Reward boxes, depending on what place you are in the competition. And they stack up to 200.

By Auraylassa on 22 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

The holiday is over and I have a stack of these in my bags. What's the verdict? Save for next time or delete?

By GJHY on 22 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

I am going to save mine just in case more sale items are added. The BEST holiday event ever!!!!

By AMgamer94 on 19 Aug 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

it's kinda sad these sets are so easy to obtain. i hope they'll add more things to buy before the next trial of style.
Wich according to the ingame calendar is the same time each year

By ijsselzichta on 18 Jan 2018 (Patch 7.3.5 )

After season 1 I saved up a lot of tokens incase they added more rewards, I was immediately able to buy the sets that were added in 7.3.5.
Save up your tokens if you wanna get any possible new items as soon as possible, it's only a few bank slots anyway.

By DaMoggen on 05 Mar 2018 (Patch 7.3.5 )

You can currently buy each of these ensembles for 60 Trial of Style Tokens:
The Fashionable Undershirt is available for 1 Trial of Style Token if you have the Stylish! buff from winning a round.
The shirt's appearance is not account-wide, only the character you've won the competition as can use it for transmogging later.

By Cr00xY on 21 Jan 2018 (Patch 7.3.5 )

Is this thing live? If not when does it start and how long it lasts? How/where can you start it? Any restrictions/requirements?

By kendallzemp on 08 Mar 2018 (Patch 7.3.5 )

Warpweaver Sle'shal is present in the Trial of Style scenario, on the floor just below the stage, on the right. He sells things during the competition that you can use to beef up your presentation, like the INVALID_ITEM #156862 (100 tokens), INVALID_ITEM #156864 (50 tokens) and INVALID_ITEM #156863 (50 tokens). These are single use items. The spotlights consist of 3 white stage lights, in a circle and shining on the player from above. If you are a priest who uses these lights plus levitate, it puts you up where the lights converge and it's too bright. You can hardly be seen! When the time to put together your costume is over, as soon as the voting/judging begins, Warpweaver Sle'shal no longer sells those items, and only sells the same armor sets that Warpweaver Tuviss (the xmog guy in Dalaran) sells. There is also a kid standing on the floor below the stage on the left. He sells tabards, in case you forgot to bring one!

By Gloriandus on 21 Apr 2017 (Patch 7.2.5 )

If the transmog gear you can buy with these Mog Tokens are unique or really impressive, I foresee a lot of complaints, since they may never place and get tokens during the limited event.

By zengun on 22 Apr 2017 (Patch 7.2.5 )

Can we join as a party? One could enter in a premade and take it in turns voting for one another?
By Random33698 on 16 Jul 2017 (Patch 7.3.0 )

The transmog gear that is available for tokens you can see now at Dalaran or any other transmog vendor in any city. As for unique, you can farm it on your own in retro dungeons.