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Timeworn Artifact
A mysterious naga artifact from the depths of the Great Sea. King Mrgl-Mrgl is looking for these at Timeworn Strand.

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Quick Facts
  • Category: Legion
  • Quality: Normal
  • Total cap: 1000

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By HobDawgh on 05 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

This currency is looted at "Timeworn Strand" in Azsuna from killing the mobs in the area or looting it from Timeworn Jar. You can see all related mobs by checking "Dropped by" here: Timeworn Artifact.

The mobs seem to drop ~3 Timeworn Artifact each and ~18 from Timeworn Jar.
Four Timeworn Artifact currently awards one Honor (NOT the Honor used for gear, but the Honor used for Honor levels).

You turn in the currency to King Mrgl-Mrgl who is found in the same area.

Edit: This currency has now been nerfed to give one fourth as much honor as before.

By Cr0wl0ck on 06 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

This quest is bugged i did the pre-q and gathered 1000 timeworn's but cannot turn it in or choose any options
By Viikka on 07 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

I couldn't turn in anything either, and King Mrgl-Murgl doesn't really give me any options when I click on him.
By lodion on 09 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Same here, can't turn in. Not even after finish the world quest.

By IamaBorat on 06 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Stealth hotfixed? I got the quest, turned it in, farmed about 600 of these, turned those in, server hopped a couple times, gathered 1000 and I tried to turn those in but didn't get the option. All this in about a 20 minute time span. Is this a one time thing per day or is it possible Blizz caught on and hotfixed it immediately?

Anybody else having this issue?

By rockkstar on 06 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

I just farmed 600 and i'm having the same issue where the king is saying that he needs the artifacts but there's no option to turn it in.
By Slaphappyhobbit on 06 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Nope, doesn't have to do with the world quest being active. I just tried turning in with it active and it isn't showing up as a turn in for me either. Maybe it has to do with being above a certain honor level? Or maybe they just deactivated it.
By Bebotebe on 06 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Maybe, since there is a World Quest now, it bugged out. I remember getting this quest http://www.wowhead.com/quest=43942/ the first time I did the World Quest, which then unlocked the Timeworn Artifact for me. Maybe you are supposed to get the quest again because of the World Quest popped up again (but it's bugged out, since nobody is getting it, most-likely since you already done it)
By TheBestHunter on 06 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

The World Quest theory is probably the highest probability. The quest Bebotebe linked is just a one time thing, to be allowed to gather the artifacts. I've been able to collect the artifacts, regardless of being unable to hand them in today. UPDATE: 7,5 hours later, the World Quest and the free for all pvp tag is no longer active, and it's still bugged for me. Will try again tomorrow, see what happens.
By KoxaH on 07 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Same thing, still cant trade artefacts to Murloc king in disguise.

By Ahmopasa on 14 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

So as if September 14, 2016;

I could turn my Timeworn Artifacts while I had a world quest. I gained 250 Honor Points by turning 1000 artifacts. Same drop rate exists from mobs and boxes.

I still could turned my artifacts after completing the world quest. So it seems they made something about it.

Good hunt!

By Ylts on 14 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Can confirm, i was able to turn in my artifacts again

By Zxcccccccccccc on 15 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Okay, here's how Timeworn Strand works since the 13-Sep hotfix.

Artifacts now only drop from mobs or spawn from Timewarn Jars when the world quest is active. Even after you've finished the quest, you can still farm them for the duration of the quest availability period. Once this is over, they no longer drop at all.

Whether or not the quest is active, you can turn them in to King Mrgl Mrgl at a rate of 4 artifacts for 1 honor. This was reduced from the 1 to 1 turn in we had prior to the hotfix.

By Knallert on 12 May 2017 (Patch 7.2.5 )

4 artifacts for 1 honour. Just what I needed to know! Thank you for taking the time to research this!
By Naivea on 15 May 2018 (Patch 8.0.1 )

Thank you so much for your comment, I have been over here for a good 20 mins farming these guys just so i could turn the quest in once, and no drop... your post made it so i knew that it can only be during the World event!!

By Bigman1182 on 15 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

They can now be turned in again, at a reduced rank. I had 1000 saved up, and it only gave 250 honor so it looks like a 4:1 now.

By blackluc on 06 May 2017 (Patch 7.2.5 )

I turned in 1000 of them today and got 450 honor

By noctusmirus on 26 Dec 2016 (Patch 7.1.5 )

i made a custom function for display in weak auras to track this.
its useful if you wanna work with a friend to collect the jars for prestige rank 1 and the pet. well any rank.

EDIT: trigger didnt work when i tested it, so i am updating the strings with one that works. this will show between your buff and debuffs bars

string for weak aura:

same thing but lua for those who wanna know more:

["outline"] = "OUTLINE",
["fontSize"] = 12,
["disjunctive"] = "all",
["displayText"] = "TimeWorn Artifacts: %c",
["customText"] = "function()n local string = string.format("%i of %i",select(2,GetCurrencyInfo(126),select(6,GetCurrencyInfo(126))n return stringnendnnnnn",
["yOffset"] = 451,
["regionType"] = "text",
["activeTriggerMode"] = -10,
["customTextUpdate"] = "update",
["init_completed"] = 1,
["actions"] = {
["start"] = {
["finish"] = {
["init"] = {
["animation"] = {
["start"] = {
["duration_type"] = "seconds",
["type"] = "none",
["main"] = {
["duration_type"] = "seconds",
["type"] = "none",
["finish"] = {
["duration_type"] = "seconds",
["type"] = "none",
["justify"] = "LEFT",
["selfPoint"] = "BOTTOM",
["id"] = "TWA",
["trigger"] = {
["type"] = "aura",
["use_alwaystrue"] = true,
["custom_type"] = "event",
["subeventPrefix"] = "SPELL",
["event"] = "Conditions",
["names"] = {
[1] = "Timeworn Artifact",
["subeventSuffix"] = "_CAST_START",
["custom_hide"] = "timed",
["spellIds"] = {
["unit"] = "player",
["check"] = "event",
["unevent"] = "auto",
["use_unit"] = true,
["debuffType"] = "HARMFUL",
["frameStrata"] = 1,
["width"] = 196.00003051758,
["xOffset"] = 649.00073242188,
["font"] = "Friz Quadrata TT",
["numTriggers"] = 1,
["anchorPoint"] = "CENTER",
["height"] = 12.000089645386,
["untrigger"] = {
["load"] = {
["use_never"] = false,
["zone"] = "Azsuna",
["level_operator"] = ">",
["role"] = {
["multi"] = {
["level"] = "109",
["size"] = {
["multi"] = {
["use_level"] = true,
["talent"] = {
["multi"] = {
["spec"] = {
["multi"] = {
["class"] = {
["single"] = "DRUID",
["multi"] = {
["DRUID"] = true,
["difficulty"] = {
["multi"] = {
["zoneId"] = "7334",
["use_zoneId"] = false,
["faction"] = {
["multi"] = {
["use_zone"] = true,
["race"] = {
["multi"] = {
["pvptalent"] = {
["multi"] = {
["color"] = {
[1] = 0.97254901960784,
[2] = 1,
[3] = 0.9843137254902,
[4] = 1,

By Zxcccccccccccc on 14 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

As of 13-Sep-16, this item is no longer spawning around Timeworn Strand or dropping from any of the NPCs there. The quest turn in with King Mrgl Mrgl seems to be fixed, but there is no longer a way to farm the item. It may still drop from player kills, but without an active world quest or other way to farm, the aren't any other players in the area to test it on.

I'm not sure if this is intended behavior---I've submitted a ticket and will update this post once I know.

By stormravenx on 12 May 2017 (Patch 7.2.5 )

I turned in 1000 of them today and got 250 honor

By eyekahn on 06 Feb 2018 (Patch 7.3.5 )

Able to turn in 1000 artifacts. Didn't get any rep or anything.

By Zartyzzo on 14 Apr 2018 (Patch 8.0.1 )

Even when the PVP World Quest is not up these will still drop from Ursaaj, the naga miniboss by the Mysterious Pearl.

By Trylion on 27 Feb 2018 (Patch 8.0.3 )

I tried to pull a bunch of turtles to make a neat pile but Blizzard put them too far apart. Still want to know what the "mysterious pearl" is for? I guess it is a buff not really sure haven't verified this but this link Mysterious Pearl/mysterious-pearl

By Turmoyl on 12 Jul 2018 (Patch 8.0.1pre )

Originally this turned you into a murloc. Link that shows what it did. This buff made some classes seriously OP. If you want to see what the special abilities were like, go do the murloc daily in Highmountain as I believe the moves are the same.

By Bystrazer on 13 Sep 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Haven't been able to turn in any of the artifacts as at 13th September 2016. I get a hand icon when I mouse over King Mrgl-Mrgl, but when I click him, he tells me to keep bringing them back for his research. And that it'll be worth it

By Knallert on 17 May 2017 (Patch 7.2.5 )

As well as giving 250 honour for 1000 artifacts, I also got 2000 gold. I tried to farm another 1000 artifacts, but I only for the 250 honour. I am guessing that the 2000 gold is only once a day kind of thing when the quest is up. It was a nice surprise, at least!
Zxcccccccccccc pointed out that it is 4 artifacts for 1 honour, so it's a nice way to boost honour in addition to the 500 you get from the quest reward

Edit: Turns out the 2000 gold is from hitting honour either 48 or 49 No other relation to the turn-in than the extra honour Good luck with the farming!

By Little on 06 Jan 2018 (Patch 7.3.5 )

Are you sure those 200g weren't from leveling up prestige?
By Knallert on 08 Apr 2018 (Patch 7.3.5 )

I have no idea. It could be. But I was given 2000 gold. Maybe something bugged? It's never happened since, so it definitely could be.

By Nynaeve on 17 Apr 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Previously known as [acronym="A glowing pearl from the depths of the nearby sea. King Murgl-Murgl is looking for these nearby within Timeworn Strand. (Note: yes, his name was misspelled in the previous version.)"] "Timeworn Pearl"[/acronym], this "mysterious naga artifact" currency currently has a cap of 1,000.
At Timeworn Strand in Highmountain, you'll find King Mrgl-Mrgl/King Mrgl-Mrgl/King Mrgl-Mrgl, who wants them.

By logie on 12 Jul 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

yes, but what do they do they don't seem to give you anything by handing them in ?
By milkbag23 on 15 Jul 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Timeworn Strand is in Aszuna not Highmountain.
By Shirokama on 25 Jul 2016 (Patch 7.0.3 )

Looks like they give you honor points, which levels your honor talent system.