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Bartender4 (categories list)

Addon Version4.5.13.2
WoW Version5.4.8 (18414)
Last DownloadMonday, October 24 2016, 02:06:56
Votes32 (Login to vote)
CategoriesAction Bars
DescriptionBartender4 is a full ActionBar replacement mod, providing you with features needed to customize most aspects of your action and related bars.

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(07/12/2015 23:54)
This doesn't work at all for me.
(04/06/2016 21:32)
this doesnt work for me to WHY??
(04/10/2016 12:58)
It doesn't work. All i see in my documents is the name with a folder symbol next to it.
(05/29/2016 21:33)
not seeing any addons when i log in.. but the addons button is at character screen
(06/18/2016 13:14)
how does it work im new whit useing addons
(08/09/2016 09:29)
This doesn't have a 5.4.8 version and quite a few of other addons have this problem as well.
(08/10/2016 17:28)
Make sure after you download the file to extract it and move it to your WoW folder into Interface>>AddOns
(09/20/2016 05:53)
its work or not ?
(10/16/2016 00:31)
Works correctly.

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