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Quick Facts
  • Completed by: 1 players @ Felsong
  • Last completion: 32 days ago
  • Side: Horde
  • Points: 10
  • Category: Northrend
  • Main category: Quests

Complete the Dragonblight storylines listed below.

This achievement will be converted to Might of Dragonblight if you transfer to Alliance

Criteria (all required)
     » The Taunka: (all required)
          »  Agmar's Hammer
     » Redirecting the Ley Lines: (all required)
          »  The End of the Line
     » Informing the Queen: (all required)
          »  Informing the Queen
     » The Dragonflights: (all required)
          »  Tales of Destruction
          »  That Which Creates Can Also Destroy
          »  The Plume of Alystros
          »  Mystery of the Infinite, Redux
     » Containing the Rot: (all required)
          »  Where the Wild Things Roam
     » Traitors to the Horde: (all required)
          »  The Translated Tome
     » Angrathar the Wrathgate: (all required)
          »  Return To Angrathar
     » The Scarlet Onslaught: (all required)
          »  Do Unto Others
     » "Strategic Alliance": (all required)
          »  Worm Wrangler
          »  Really Big Worm
     » Oacha'noa: (all required)
          »  Conversing With the Depths

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Complete the Northrend quest achievements listed below.