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Quick Facts
  • Completed by: 32 players @ Felsong
  • Last completion: 2 days ago
  • Side: Alliance
  • Points: 10
  • Category: Outland
  • Main category: Quests

Complete the Hellfire Peninsula storylines listed below.

This achievement will be converted to To Hellfire and Back if you transfer to Horde

Criteria (all required)
     » Green, But Not Orcs: (all required)
          »  Smooth as Butter
          »  Beneath Thrallmar
          »  Voidwalkers Gone Wild
     » Cenarion Post: (all required)
          »  Testing the Antidote
          »  Natural Remedies
     »  Invasion Point: Annihilator (Disrupt the Burning Legion)
     » Overthrow the Overlord: (all required)
          »  The Heart of Darkness
          »  Overlord
     »  The Seer's Relic (In Search of Sedai)
     »  The Exorcism of Colonel Jules
     »  Drill the Drillmaster
     » Temple of Telhamat: (all required)
          »  Cruel Taskmasters
          »  The Rock Flayer Matriarch
          »  Cleansing the Waters
          »  An Ambitious Plan

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Loremaster of Outland
Complete the Outland quest achievements listed below.