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Quick Facts
  • Completed by: 11 players @ Felsong
  • Last completion: 2 days ago
  • Points: 25
  • Category: Dungeons & Raids
  • Account-wide

Complete the Legion Mythic dungeon achievements listed below.

Criteria (all required)
     »  But You Say He's Just a Friend
     »  Stay Salty
     »  Ready for Raiding V
     »  Got to Ketchum All
     »  Can't Eat Just One
     »  No Time to Waste
     »  Clean House
     »  Arcanic Cling
     »  Burning Down the House
     »  Egg-cellent!
     »  Adds? More Like Bads
     »  Black Rook Moan
     »  You Used to Scrawl Me In Your Fel Tome
     »  A Specter, Illuminated
     »  Who's Afraid of the Dark?
     »  I Ain't Even Cold
     »  Dropping Some Eaves
     »  Waiting for Gerdo
     »  I Made a Food!
     »  You're Just Making It WORSE!
     »  Stag Party
     »  Surge Protector
     »  I Got What You Mead
     »  Instant Karma
     »  Poor Unfortunate Souls
     »  Helheim Hath No Fury


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Fighting with Style: Valorous
Unlock all 4 color variations for your valorous artifact appearance.
(Class Hall)