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Quick Facts
  • Completed by: 5 players @ Felsong
  • Last completion: 23 days ago
  • Side: Alliance
  • Points: 20
  • Category: World Events
  • Account-wide

Complete the Midsummer achievements listed below.

This achievement will be converted to The Flame Keeper if you transfer to Horde

Criteria (all required)
     »  Burning Hot Pole Dance
     »  Torch Juggler (Torch Juggler )
     »  Ice the Frost Lord
     »  King of the Fire Festival
     » Desecration of the Horde/Alliance: (any required)
          »  Desecration of the Horde
          »  Desecration of the Alliance
     » The Fires of Azeroth: (any required)
          »  The Fires of Azeroth
          »  The Fires of Azeroth

Title reward
     » Flame Warden <name>

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What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been
Complete the world events achievements listed below.
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