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Friday, September 11 2020, 09:07
The final wing of Antorus, the Burning Throne raid (Aggramar / Argus the Unmaker) is now available on LFR, Normal and Heroic difficulties!

Mythic difficulty will be released 2 weeks later.

In the upcoming weeks we will make public some MAJOR changes we've been working on!

Friday, July 17 2020, 10:55
Check out our new epic Custom Event (dungeon), The Secrets of Skyreach! Head now to Dalaran - Broken Isles near the Violet Hold and team up with others to help Skye solve the mystery!

You may find lots of prizes along the way. More details here.

Friday, July 10 2020, 14:49
WoW Freakz staff wishes everyone HAPPY SUMMER!

Visit the the shop between July 10th - July 19th for HUGE discounts, 30% off everything!

Don't miss this chance to get the new 7.3.5 gear and mounts!

Friday, July 03 2020, 11:41
The third wing of Antorus, the Burning Throne raid (Kin'garoth / Varimathras / The Coven of Shivarra) will be available on LFR, Normal and Heroic difficulties on Friday, July 3rd!

As usual, the Mythic difficulty will be released a few weeks later.

Friday, May 22 2020, 17:11
The Second Wing of Antorus, the Burning Throne raid (Portal Keeper Hasabel / Eonar the Life-Binder / Imonar the Soulhunter) is now available on MYTHIC difficulty!

Wednesday, April 29 2020, 17:16
The second wing of Antorus, the Burning Throne raid (Portal Keeper Hasabel / Eonar the Life-binder / Imonar the Soulhunter ) will be available on LFR, normal and heroic difficulties on Friday, May 1st!

As usual, the Mythic difficulty will be released a few weeks later.

Friday, April 03 2020, 11:56
The First wing of Antorus, the Burning Throne raid (Garothi Worldbreaker / Felhounds of Sargeras / Antoran High Command) is now available on MYTHIC difficulty!

Sunday, March 29 2020, 18:28
Good morning Freakz!
Felsong has been successfully moved onto the new & more powerful server!
You can already log back in, and it will be a lot more stable when 5k+ people are online.
We'll monitor its state closely to ensure this machine switch didn't have any unwanted consequences!

Monday, March 23 2020, 00:16
Felsong is now updated to the patch 7.3.5!

As usual with an update of this magnitude, the realm will surely encounter some random bugs, and might not be fully stable: rest assured that we're all working on it, to bring the best out of this release!

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Friday, March 13 2020, 12:01

After a few weeks of open PTR, where you discovered the 7.3.5 patch in preview and gave us valuable feedback it is now time to release the patch on Felsong!

The Shadows of Argus patch will hit our Legion live realm on Monday, March 23rd morning! The realm Felsong will be shut down at midnight (Monday morning) to give us time to apply the update, and it should be back up before noon.

As the client version changes, you will be required to update your client in order to play once Felsong goes to 7.3.5! Here is a guide on how to do it easily

Speaking of the update, in case you didn't catch up on what would be added, here is a list of every new feature you will be able to enjoy on 7.3.5:

- 4 new allied races: Void Elf & Lightforged Draenei for the Alliance, Nightborne & Highmountain Tauren for the Horde! Each of them has their own requirement and questline, in order to unlock them.

- All 3 Argus zones (Krokuun, Antoran Wastes & Mac'Aree) are fully scripted: questline, world quests, treasures, invasion points and others! Completing the Argus storyline for the first time will grant access to the Netherlight Crucible to every character on the account, giving your artifact even more power! It will be located in the Vindicaar ship.

- First Wing of Antorus raid in LFR, Normal & Heroic difficulties (and Mythic after a while), which contains the bosses: Garothi Worldbreaker, F'harg & Shatug the Felhounds of Sargeras, and Antoran High Command
Note: Unlike previous raids, we intend on releasing Antorus wing by wing and not boss by boss, without losing in quality thanks to our bigger developer team!

- Argus' dungeon, Seat of the Triumvirate will be fully available in Heroic, Mythic & Mythic+

- All dungeon rewards will see their ilvl increase to reflect on this patch increased ilvl. A NPC will also be available, whom you can trade Veiled Argunite with in order to catch up in ilvl.

- You will be able to upgrade your Legendary Items to ilvl 1000 by gathering Wakening Essences and talk to Arcanomancer Vridiel in Dalaran. PLEASE NOTE that all the chests that can contain those essences will be wiped from all inventories in order to prevent people from stacking them in advance (mainly Paragon, Emissary chests & PVP strongboxes, so open them before!)

- The new zone scaling will also be added: quests & mobs level will adapt more broadly to match yours, allowing you to level up more freely. Since this is a pretty big change, it can potentially induce a few issues on low level zones, but we'll monitor them closely to ensure leveling stays smooth.

- Updated PVE System: The AI of NPCs as a whole has been upgraded: All dungeons have been rechecked for 7.3.5 scaling & their general behavior has been improved!

- Updated classes: new talents, item sets, 7.3.5 specific hotfixes, pvp mods & balancing have been checked and scripted! PTR also brought us hundreds of spell fixes

- New PVP Season: Fierce Gladiator! Defend your title, or prove yourself worthy of the gladiator rank! Rewards will be updated for this 5th Season.

- The Shop will also be updated on the day of the release, with the addition of Antorus gear! You will be able to freely upgrade any item you bought before to 985 ilvl, and Legendary items to 1000 ilvl!

- And much, much MORE!

Those weeks of open PTR made us confident that the release will be great, so dont be afraid! We will be monitoring it closely: many systems got changed, updated or even rescripted, and the Freakz dev team will stay primed and ready to tackle any issue you may find!
We hope you are as hyped as we are! You've played on 7.2 for a while, now its time for you to enjoy some new content!

Friday, January 31 2020, 18:21
7.3.5 Public Test Realm is now LIVE!

Check out our Download and Installation Guide here


- All accounts and characters from Felsong, except the ones that have been created within the last week, have been copied.

- We have reset the talents, pvp talents, glyphs, arena ratings, mythic+ data and in-progress quests have been removed and must be re-taken.

- We know that some legendaries that have been copied are already 1000 ilvl instead of 970 or lower, this will be fixed when we do the real release, don't report it.

- Only the 64 bits launcher / client is available for the testing period. 32 bits client will be available later.

- We want you to mostly test the 7.3.5 content: the Argus questline along with Antorus the Burning Throne raid, The Seat of the Triumvirate dungeon, your classes and also make sure nothing is missing from your characters.

- Only the first wing of Antorus will be avaiable for testing (Garothi Worldbreaker, Felhounds of Sargeras and Antoran High Command).

ATTENTION! All the progress that you will make on the PTR will NOT be transferred on the Live Realm!


During the development, we used Trello to track bugs and issues regarding the 7.3.5 realm.

In order to avoid posting duplicate bug reports, please consult our public Trello boards :

- Legion Zones & classes campaigns board

- Argus board

- Dungeons & Raids (PvE) board

- Classes board

Any valid bugs that aren't already listed on our board should be posted on the Forum as usual.

Don't forget you need to select the realm PTR 7.3.5 on the website in order to access 7.3.5 database for spells, npc, quests, items, etc.


Tickets containing bug reports will not be addressed. Please use the Forum bug report sections.