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After a very long time, it’s time to lift the veil about a very secretive project. WoW Freakz together with the Firestorm team is extremely proud to announce our new project, Felsong.

Felsong is the incarnation of our original Legion server, highly improved in all aspects. It is an independent server from both WoW Freakz and Firestorm with its own policy, rules, website, staff etc.

It is a fresh start for everyone. That means new accounts, new (and old!) players and new ways to re-experience Legion like never seen before.
This time we are doing several things differently, here’s just a few examples about what that means:

Starting level 98
Starting gear 660 ilvl
Highly improved Legion core
No pay to win

Felsong is based on the 7.3.5 client, which means that classes and items such as tier sets and trinkets are balanced around 7.3.5, however, content will be delivered progressively, starting from the very beginning of the Legion expansion, following blizzlike patch releases.

Currently, the server is in ALPHA stage, meaning only a few select people may get access to it, but an Open Beta is not that far away. Live release is expected this year.

Why is it not a separate Freakz realm?

Freakz is built on very old infrastructure, beside other technical reasons. We had many brainstorming sessions about it and we have decided that this is the best direction for Felsong. And, Freakz, as we all know, is a progressive server, aiming to move forward, supporting the newest expansions, not going back in time.

Rebranding Legion under a new server name will allow us, and our marketing efforts, to reach out to potential players who may have chosen to not check out our newest Legion project if it was advertised as a Freakz realm.

Finally, as mentioned above, we wanted to give everyone a fresh start, ensuring that nobody who isn’t from our existing community would feel at a disadvantage compared to existing accounts.

So if you are hyped for Legion, join Felsong’s Discord and check out our fresh new website!

Felsong Discord

Felsong Website

Resume your effort in the Shadowlands!

Summer is over, we're back from vacation and we have prepared a lot of surprises for you!

Shop Discounts

Visit the the shop during 12th September - 18th September for HUGE discounts, 30% off everything!

Chains of Domination

Chains of Domination Chapter 5 is now live.


Join the frontlines and jump into the fray right away with
FREE Level 50 character boosts, 130ilvl gear, gold and a mount.

More info HERE

We are hiring Developers

Our team, projects and ambitions are in a continuous growth and we need proficient and passionate people with whom we can continue to deliver the best World of Warcraft experience.

We are looking for the following profiles:

Core Developers (C++)

- As a core dev, you must know C++ (and SQL where needed) at a medium/advanced level and have already worked with TrinityCore.
- Having experience with multiple areas of the game such as Spells, PvE content, Mechanics, Reverse is considered a big plus!

Database Developer (SQL/SAI)

- As a database dev, you're required to know SQL and have sufficient experience about how different tables and databases work and interact with each other.
- You must have worked with TrinityCore and know your way around it.

Our positions are paid, with real money obviously.

We will not respond to incomplete applications or unprofessional candidates, such as people wishing to learn or developers without any experience with TrinityCore.

If you are interested and you meet the requirements, please send an email to [email protected] with every relevant details, including your C.V. / LinkedIn profile, your Github profile and any other detail you find necessary.

We are increasing our experience rates!

We are increasing our experience rates in all level ranges (1-60) from 1.5x to 3x!

- You will now be able to level up new alts faster than before

- Threads of Fates levelling in Shadowlands zones will no longer require dungeons to reach level 60

- The Shadowlands storyline introduction can be safely skipped on level 48 characters without having to be afraid of running out of quests

Happy levelling!

Patch 9.1.5 is now LIVE

What's new in Season 2:

- New zone: Korthia, with lots of new questlines, rares, treasures and more!

- New 10-boss raid: Sanctum of Domination

- New Megadungeon: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market

- New World Boss: Mor'geth, Tormentor of the Damned

- New Mythic+ affix: Tormented

- Renown level 80

- Covenant campaign continuation

- Flying in the Shadowlands

- New PvP Season: Unchained Gladiator

- Two new Korthia factions: Death's Advance and The Archivist's Codex

Additional info:

- Shards of Domination

Shards of Domination is a new system for Sanctum of Domination gear that provides powerful customizable bonuses by slotting Shards of Domination into specific gear pieces from Sanctum of Domination. Read more here.

- New Torghast content

Four additional layers have been added.
A new talent system with lots of perks - The Box of Many Things
Adamant Vaults - Two additional floors you can access when completing a layer 9+ with a "flawless" score. More info here.

- Improved PvP mechanics

Your feedback during patch 9.0 helped us a lot. We already fixed the MMR/Rating, they are now blizzlike.
We are also implementing an item level scaling mechanic for undergeared players. Your gear ilvl will be adjusted while in arenas, making your character more powerful up to a threshold. This mechanic is meant to help new players stepping in the arena without worrying too much about gear.

PvE and PvP schedule:

- Sanctum of Domination - First Wing LFR, Normal & Heroic available on release day
- Sanctum of Domination - First Wing Mythic available on July 11th

WoW Freakz staff wishes everyone HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY!

For this occasion, we have prepared lots of cool stuff for you!

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Migrations are back!

Join the frontlines and jump into the fray right away with a
FREE Level 50 character boost, 130ilvl gear, gold and a mount.
Feature available for one character per account.

More info HERE

The Eternal Travelers are back in town!

The Eternal Travelers have returned, with a new custom dungeon
and lots of epic rewards!

This game mode features mechanics from many past and present types
of content, offering players a largely scaling challenge.

Learn more about the event HERE

Unlocked Allied Races

You can now create ANY Allied Race you want, without having to worry about long and boring requirements, for free!

Sire Denathrius @ Castle Nathria mythic has been killed! Congratulations to the Fanatics guild for the Realm First!

WoW Freakz team is expanding

We are seeking people with a passion for World of Warcraft to join our quality assurance squad and help us deliver the best Shadowlands experience to our players.

Click here for more info.

WoW Freakz staff wishes everyone HAPPY EASTER!

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Castle Nathria Roadmap

We know that a lot of you are wondering what is our Castle Nathria release schedule, this roadmap should help the guilds and the PvE community to have a predictive timeline and to be prepared for what is to come.