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Uptime: 42m, 47s
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Before anything else..

Current PvP Season will end Monday 12.04.2021 and we are going to roll rewards after a short period.
We are also starting up the Proxy realm, allowing country-restricted players to play without a VPN.
We are not resetting any currency such as Titan Residuum, Conquest points etc.
Tertiary Stats will be kept.
A lot more items have been added to the shop.

Here are some of the features that we are adding in Phase 1:

Item Level cap = 425
Darkshore Zone (rares, world quests)
World Boss (Ivus the Decayed / Ivus the Forest Lord) - 400 ilvl loot
Tides of Vengeance War Campaign + The Price of Victory / Diverging Paths chapters
Raid: Battle of Dazar'Alor
PvE Season 2: Reaping (Dungeons buffed by 30%)
Faction Assaults
PvP Season 2: Sinister Gladiator
Brawl: Cooking Impossible
Island Expeditions: Jorundall and Havenswood
Heritage Armor: Bronzebeard and Sin'dorei
Custom PvE Epic Event, replacing Warfronts
Updated and improved custom PvP Vendor
Titan Residuum vendor updated

PvE and PvP release schedule:

On release:
- Battle of Dazar'Alor LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic - Full raid
- Mythic+ Season 2: Reaping
- PvP Season 2: Sinister Gladiator

What’s coming next:

- Patch 8.1.5 (Phase 2) will come after a relatively short period.
- Streamed PvP and PvE Tournaments on a separate Tournament Realm with real money rewards.
- On-demand custom and improved PvP Scaling system.
- PvP Lounge area with weekly quests and epic rewards.
- Patch 8.2.0 (Phase 3) this SUMMER.

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Darkmoon Faire is coming to WoW Freakz on March 7th!

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Instagram contest winners:

1st place: Liarten - $150
2nd place: Alairai - $120
3rd place: Jansutowy - $100
4th place: Demonmodee - $80
5th place: Kyndria - $50

Congratulations to everyone who participated!


Season 1 is now LIVE!

Keystones' level, weekly best, MMR, rating, earned Conquest, armory ladders are now reset!

Uldir's Reorigination Array cap has been lifted.

Content available now:

- Mythic Uldir fully available

- PvP Dread Gladiator

- Mythic+ Ladders and PvP Ladders

- Realm First! Battle for Azeroth Keystone Master & Realm First! G'huun

- PvP Vendor - check out this guide for more info

Play Battle for Azeroth as it was supposed to be, now LIVE on WoW Freakz!

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This option is limited to only 1 character per account. You can use it at any level below 110.

We launched BFA with the latest patch available, 8.3.7, with progressive content unlock, following a blizzlike release mechanism, which we call Phases.
Right from the release, Phase 0 begins (patch 8.0.1 content).

Here are some of the features that we are adding in Phase 0:

Latest 8.3.0 Class Changes
Heart of Azeroth
Artifact Knowledge
Azerite Armor
Titan Residuum Vendor
Item Level cap = 395
War Mode
New zones – Drustvar, Tiragarde Sound, Stormsong Valley, Nazmir, Vol'dun, and Zuldazar
Ready for War Campaign
War Campaign reputation requirements removed
War Effort Advancements
Allied Races: Dark Iron Dwarf and Mag'har Orc
Heritage Armor: Dark Iron Dwarf and Mag'har Orc
7/11 Island Expeditions
Pathfinder 1/2
PvP Season 1: Dread Gladiator
Arena: Mugambala
Arena: Hook Point
Honor system
Conquest system
Revamped Battlegrounds
Custom PvP vendor
PvE Season 1: Infested
Raid: Uldir
All dungeons but Mechagon
World Bosses (The Lion's Roar / Doom's Howl) - 370 ilvl loot
World Bosses (Dunegorger Kraulok, Ji'arak, T'zane, Warbringer Yenajz, Azurethos, Hailstone Construct) - 355 ilvl loot
Paragon Reputations
Professions cap = 150
Auction House revamp

Check our Server Info for a complete list.

PvE and PvP release schedule:

On release:
- Uldir LFR, Normal and Heroic - Full raid
- Mythic+ pre-season
- PvP pre-season

After 1 month:
- Uldir Mythic - Full raid
- Mythic+ with leaderboard
- PvP Season 1 begins

There is no info on the duration of the phases, but we'll do our best to deliver new and quality content to keep the community active.

What to expect from WoW Freakz from now on

- Top quality content delivered by a team with over 10 years of experience
- HUGE revamp of our Legacy Content (raids, dungeons, quests)
- Active support from our Customer Support team
- More interactive events and contests, and a lot more others

How are we making Battle for Azeroth better than Blizzard

The first and most important thing we did was listening to people’s feedback.
Then we implemented every quality of life change that blizzard added throughout the expansion’s lifecycle, right from the start.
And finally, we added some of our own custom changes which we think will make you enjoy BFA a lot more. Here is a list with some of them:

- Warmode without phasing (sharding)
- Custom PvP vendor
- PvP scaling turned off
- Titan Residuum Vendor on patch 8.0.1
- Island Expedition vendor from the start
- 110-120 Heirlooms from the start
- Champions of Azeroth reputation requirements account-wide from the start
- War Campaign reputation requirement removed


Website Shop is already available and updated.
In-Game Shop is currently NOT available.

Players who donated for a Full BiS 985 ilvl PvP or PvE Gear Pack during Legion AND before November 20th 2020 will get a 355 ilvl full gear pack for FREE.
Players who bought single BiS pieces of gear (except relics) during Legion AND before November 20th 2020 will get a 355 ilvl item for each individual donated item for FREE.

For a fee, you can upgrade any of these items to Best in Slot 395 ilvl, and your items will be upgraded for FREE each time we transition to newer seasons and raids.

Players who donated for any BiS pack AFTER November 20th 2020, can already boost their character to level 120 and upgrade their gear to BiS 395 ilvl for FREE.

Please keep in mind that free level boost to 120 is NOT available for donations made before November 20th 2020.

Aman'Thul's Vision has been refunded for $40 if you donated for it anytime on 7.3.5.

Enjoy our Battle of Azeroth Trailer !

Battle for Azeroth is coming to WoW Freakz on 16.12.2020 and it's allowing you to jump right into the fray by granting everyone a FREE boost to level 110!

Note: Level 110 boost will be available directly in-game by speaking to an NPC in starting zones and capitals. Feature available for one character per account.

Prepare yourself for the upcoming battle by downloading our full game client in advance DOWNLOAD

Stay tuned for more info about the release soon.

Battle for Azeroth PTR is now LIVE!


Read more about the PTR - here


- Account-wide mechanic is disabled on PTR. (Achievements, mounts, pets etc are linked only to the original character).

- You will start at level 110.

- Tickets will most likely be ignored.

- There will be some custom NPCs (gear,currency,level etc) - link

The PTR will contain a copy of your accounts, made on 19.11.2020, so YOUR CHARACTERS WILL BE 5-6 DAYS BEHIND FELSONG!

As you may already know, we've announced MAJOR changes which are coming to WoW Freakz a while ago, now it's time to finally lift the veil:

New Expansion coming: BATTLE FOR AZEROTH!

Our journey continues with the upcoming release of Battle for Azeroth!
We will open a public test realm in the upcoming days and we encourage you to join and support us by leaving your valuable feedback.
PTR will stay up for the entire time until we launch the update on the live realm.
Speaking of live release, there isn't an exact release date just yet, but our window is set around late December 2020.
However, we want a smooth launch which you can enjoy, therefore we could delay it if we feel like the game is not ready.

Felsong will be UPDATED to BFA, there won't be two separate realms!


We will release BFA on its last patch - 8.3.7 - but with locked content, meaning you will experience the expansion's content progressively, starting with the patch 8.0 season (Uldir).
To compensate for the negative feedback of patch 8.0 from retail, we will add various quality of life mechanics like the Titan Residuum vendors and every other improvement introduced after patch 8.0 right from the start.

You can see which content will be AVAILABLE on release here: LINK
You can read more about each major change in this topic: LINK

Old Content Focus

BFA's development took more than a year, which means that almost all devs were assigned to it. That's the reason 7.3.5 received fewer fixes than previous patches, but we've managed to polish our BFA server A LOT more than any of our previously supported expansions so far.
Since we'll have less work to do on BFA content, we will instead turn our attention towards old content. You will see a lot more fixes on legacy dungeons and raids so you guys can get all the transmogs and mounts you've always wanted!
Over time, we will also give more love to low level quests.

New Website Design

We've been working on a fresh `modern` look for the website while also keeping the features which made it unique. So no worries, every tool and feature is still available!
We plan on adding more to it in the near future.


Donations made BEFORE this announcement:

Players who bought either a Full BIS 985 ilvl PvP Gear Pack or a Full BIS 985 ilvl PvE Gear Pack during LEGION will get a 355 ilvl full gear pack for FREE.
Players who bought a single BiS piece of gear during LEGION will get a 355 ilvl item for FREE.
Aman'Thul's Vision will be refunded for $40.

You will be able to upgrade to BiS for a fee per item or per full pack.

Donations made RIGHT AFTER this announcement:

BLACK FRIDAY is coming to WoW Freakz with HUGE DISCOUNTS. Every gear purchase (either single or full pack) will be converted 1:1 on Battle for Azeroth!
You have the opportunity to acquire the best gear possible, so you can enjoy Legion for a few more weeks and get a last chance to defeat the Burning Legion before the end of the expansion.
Then, your items will be upgraded to BiS on BFA for FREE.

As usual, item upgrades will remain FREE when we transition to newer seasons and raids.

Growth has begun anew

We listened to your feedback and we are taking action!

WoW Freakz is expanding its Customer Support and QA Teams.
Our rules have been updated, making them more transparent and less interpretable. Make sure you read them thoroughly.
We will be active on social media platforms, so make sure you follow us because we will post cool news, contests and insights.
We intend to communicate more frequently on what we're working on during the expansion. You'll find more announcements on our Discord Server.

Other mentions

- Realm Name Change: The name "Felsong" is heavily associated with Legion, so we want to give it a more generic name. We'll open a poll on the forum, so you guys can post name suggestions and vote for the one you like the most.

- Economy reset: We want to keep our server's economy healthy, therefore we?ve decided to lower everyone's gold to a specific (which is not to be disclosed) amount. This reset will also WIPE guild vaults and some items from your possession which might sell for high amounts. We know a lot of players worked hard to collect huge amounts of gold, that's why we are adding a CUSTOM BLACK MARKET AUCTION HOUSE with lots of cool items, so you can invest your gold in them. Check it out here!

- Warmode mechanic will work as on retail, however we won't implement sharding (You'll see each other regardless of Warmode On / Off).

- Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag'har Orcs allied races will be available at release, with blizzlike requirements and recruitment scenarios.

- PvP Scaling will be turned OFF due to various inconsistencies we've observed on retail. This decision will not affect gameplay in a negative way.

Stay safe and enjoy playing on WoW Freakz!