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Thursday, December 01 2016, 00:00:11
by Shocker  
Lottery for November has ended ! Winners are: Damania, Bitey, Urshak
Each of them received Iron Warhorse, congratulations !

The lottery for December has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Monday, November 28 2016, 18:33:44
by Shocker  
Galakras & Iron Juggernaut & Kor'kron Dark Shaman & General Nazgrim & Malkorok heroic mode @ Siege of Orgrimmar have been implemented !

Tuesday, November 22 2016, 12:40:45
by Shocker  
Good news for TRANSMOG lovers ! We added more items to the vote shop and wow shop (items with ilvl 10-19), +1100 new items ! Have fun 'mogging !

Friday, November 18 2016, 15:56:11
by Shocker  
Black Friday has arrived to WoW Freakz, during 18-21 November be sure to check the WoW Shop for HUGE discounts !
You can also check the
ingame shop

Don't have enough money but don't want to miss the discounts? Don't worry, you can buy on tick / on credit ! Pay half now and half later, contact for more info ! Offer only available during Black Friday !

Friday, November 11 2016, 17:16:09
by Shocker  
Malkorok @ Siege of Orgrimmar has been implemented (normal + LFR + Flex), be sure to check the dungeon journal

Thursday, November 10 2016, 05:46:01
by Shocker  
Sha of Pride heroic mode @ Siege of Orgrimmar is live !

Tuesday, November 01 2016, 21:05:25
Immerseus 25h & Galakras 10n @ Siege of Orgrimmar

Thursday, October 27 2016, 08:11:41
by Shocker  
General Nazgrim @ Siege of Orgrimmar has been implemented (normal + LFR + Flex), be sure to check the dungeon journal

Friday, October 07 2016, 17:52:28
by Shocker  
First 3 bosses @ Siege of Orgrimmar heroic have been implemented.

Trash loot chance has been increased and added to the whole instance trash (including Echoes of War @ heroic).
We have also implemented scripts for trash creatures.

Friday, September 30 2016, 16:34:19
by Shocker  
Nefarian @ Blackwing Descent has been added !

You can now complete
[Blackwing Descent Guild Run] => [Guild Glory of the Cataclysm Raider]

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