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Friday, February 15 2019, 14:40
Mistress Sassz'ine @ Tomb of Sargeras has been implemented on Normal, Heroic and LFR. Mythic mode will be enabled after 1-2 weeks after we confirm the boss is ok.
(in LFR you will be teleported at Sisters of the Moon location so you have to go back down through the trash to Mistress since it's the only boss in this wing currently)

Wednesday, February 13 2019, 15:41
Winter just doesn't want to leave... this week's PvP Brawl: Arathi Blizzard !

Friday, February 08 2019, 17:13
Cathedral of Eternal Night has been implemented on all difficulties (including Mythic+)!

Saturday, February 02 2019, 13:41
Artifact Traits have been re-added to the WoW Shop, however max buyable in shop is 71 traits (51 normal traits + 20 Concordance traits. Please BE CAREFUL when you choose your traits, you can also get 50 normal + 21 concordance but we don't recommend that, you will lose a very important normal trait). After long and careful consideration we have decided 71 traits is the approximate maximum number of traits obtainable on 7.2.5 on our server, allowing more would cause unbalance.
All players who bought 54/54 traits on 7.1.5 have received 71/101 for free. Also, when we update to 7.3.5 you will receive the max traits amount for 7.3.5 for free too.

Friday, February 01 2019, 00:00
Lottery for January has ended ! The winners are:
Genesis: Sindorei, Kartach, Gorzul (Enchanted Fey Dragon)
Felsong: Bloddyfang, Xmarcola, Anenos (Grove Warden)

Congratulations! The lottery for February has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Monday, January 28 2019, 10:39
Pvp Brawls have been implemented. This week's brawl: GRAVITY LAPSE @ Eye of the Storm

Friday, January 18 2019, 21:33
UPDATE: you can now transfer donated relics from one artifact to another (on the same character) for a fee, check the Transfer / change relic shop option

UPDATE: relics are now upgradeable, you will be able to upgrade to the same or a new relic but only of the same type and only on the same artifact

The WoW Shop has been updated to 7.2.5, including free upgrade for 7.1.5 items to 7.2.5 items. Some info about it:
- to upgrade your gear go to the spend points page @ shop, but please CAREFULLY READ THE INFO POSTED THERE, it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Don't forget you can change your random stats or change your tertiary stats or change your items over and over (for a fee)
- artifact power / traits are not available yet, we need to decide how much we should allow in the shop (we don't want to allow FULL traits since 7.2.5 full traits means TRILLIONS of artifact power, nobody reached full traits on retail either), we will decide in the following days
- Artifact Knowledge has been upgraded to 40 for everyone who bought AK 25 on 7.1.5
- Some 7.2.5 items are not scripted yet (for example trinkets), please have patience until we fix them (soon)
- the ingame shop now shows the actual item tooltips so you can see the stats/etc much better, especially for relics (you can see what traits get empowered, etc)

Friday, January 18 2019, 05:06
Tomb of Sargeras (Mythic) first wing is now live.

Thursday, January 10 2019, 17:11
Good news, we have implemented a script to recover missing/disappeared gear items from your bags.
To access it click on the Recover missing items link in the top left menu.

Friday, January 04 2019, 18:07
Vote shop has been re-enabled and updated with some 7.2.5 new stuff (mounts, pets, tabards, shirts). Not many because 7.2.5 doesn't bring a lot of new things. Fun items have not been updated yet, we will do that in at least a couple of weeks probably (we need to test/fix the new items)

We might also have a new vote shop promotion soon, we're still thinking about this.

Wednesday, December 26 2018, 17:23
UPDATE: Legion Invasions have been re-enabled, you can see their schedule here or a guide here.
Also, we have re-enabled the wow shop with some new stuff (pets, mounts, flying, nethershards) however WITHOUT 7.2.5 gear, currently it still has 7.1.5 gear. As mentioned, we will enable 7.2.5 gear (items, ugprades, etc) after a while.

UPDATE: The 7.2.5 update has been completed. There were various problems which either got fixed or still need fixing, we're working on every of them, please have patience until we solve all of them. Thank you.

To update your 7.1.5 client to 7.2.5 client just download our new launcher, read here for more info. In case you don't have any client at all, you can find all the necessary download links there. If you're having errors with the launcher make sure you disable / allow your antivirus.

We have updated our addons page with 7.2.5 addons, be sure to redownload all your favorite addons from there.

After the realm is launched there will probably be A LOT of tickets/support mails/etc. Please have patience, even if it takes a couple of hours/days to have your issue answered since there will be so many of them and we'll be overwhelmed

REMINDER: Please report any exploits you discover INSTANTLY. Abusing them will get you banned permanently regardless if you say you didn't know

Below we're repeating the previous announcement, please be sure to read it, we added some more info:
We would like to mention the update is not 100% fully working, there will still be missing stuff at launch. We wanted to fix as much content as possible, however we've delayed it for too long and most of you expressed their desire to have it launched already and have remaining bugs/content fixed after it's live.
Even though we tested the content, there are far too many changes and new additions to be able to fully test all of them thoroughly, which means there will be stupid bugs/crashes at launch, and a public test realm would delay the launch even more. If you cannot handle instability and problems please DO NOT LOGIN for a couple of days. Logging in and raging/complaining on global channels/forums will just get you BANNED, no discussion.

Content fixed which should be working at launch (or shortly after launch):
- 7.2.5 Class Campaigns (these were the most complex and long ones to script)
- Broken Shore intro quest chain
- Broken Isles Pathfinder (flying)
- Tomb of Sargeras (at launch we'll have only first wing enabled, normal and heroic)
- Cathedral of Eternal Night (won't be live at launch, we want to do more tests here, will be open in a couple of days)
- Mythic+ updates (including fixed/static affixes per week. current keys and will be deleted from bags and leaderboards wiped)
- New artifact empowered traits system (first part of the chain skipped, you need only the last part of the chain. All AP spent on traits 35+ will be refunded when you empower your artifact)
- Broken Shore buildings / contributions / buffs (without Mage Tower scenarios)
- PvP Brawls (won't be live at launch, but in a couple of days)
- Paragon reputations
- Crafted legendaries
- Broken Shore world quests
- Legion invasions assaults / scenarios
- Sentinax Beacons
- Wrymtongue treasures

Content not fixed/implemented/updated yet, will be implemented sometime later after launch:
- Class Mounts
- Chromie scenario
- Mage Tower scenarios
- Return to Karazhan will be temporarily closed

Other info:
- Shop (gear/items shop options) will be disabled after launch for a while to allow a fair balance for non-donors (don't know how long, couple of weeks max probably). We have no info about 7.1.5 => 7.2.5 upgrades yet (gear, artifacts, etc). There won't be christmas discounts this year, we'll consider discounts after we enable the shop
- Migrations will have the same gear ilvls after launch, same reason like the wow shop and will be upgraded when the shop is enabled
- Vote shop will not be updated at launch, but sometime later (we may have a new premium vote shop promotion with epic mounts/char options/etc)
- Bug reports - most of them will remain, however some of them (especially class spells related) will be closed/deleted and will need reposting if still needed
- Future patches - there is no info about future patches/expansions yet