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Thursday, October 27 2016, 08:11:41
by Shocker  
General Nazgrim @ Siege of Orgrimmar has been implemented (normal + LFR + Flex), be sure to check the dungeon journal

Thursday, October 27 2016, 07:49:28
IMPORTANT NOTICE ! We did some host changes. Server might be a bit unstable in the first day/days until everything is sorted out. Some of you might see a possible decrease in latency, some of you may not, and some (mostly romanians) will see a slight latency increase, but we're hoping overall connectivity will be improved !

Also, various website pages might take (much) longer to load, will be fixed in the following days.

Friday, October 07 2016, 17:52:28
by Shocker  
First 3 bosses @ Siege of Orgrimmar heroic have been implemented.

Trash loot chance has been increased and added to the whole instance trash (including Echoes of War @ heroic).
We have also implemented scripts for trash creatures.

Saturday, October 01 2016, 00:00:05
by Shocker  
Lottery for September has ended ! Winners are: Orcasms, Katyye, Wikky
Each of them received Warforged Nightmare, congratulations !

The lottery for October has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Friday, September 30 2016, 16:34:19
by Shocker  
Nefarian @ Blackwing Descent has been added !

You can now complete
[Blackwing Descent Guild Run] => [Guild Glory of the Cataclysm Raider]

Friday, September 30 2016, 01:43:31
by Shocker  
Guild Challenges system has been fixed, including related rewards and achievements !

Guilds can now do various challenges for an extra source of XP / gold (even PvP guilds) !

Monday, September 19 2016, 23:28:10
by Shocker  
The Grievous Gladiator PvP Season has ended and the Prideful Gladiator PvP Season has begun !

PvP Ladders and Season Total earned conquest and honor points counters have been reset ! Nothing else has changed !

Final ladders / winers for the Grievous season can be seen

Friday, August 12 2016, 19:24:07
by Shocker  
We have started a promotion in the vote shop which includes some premium products: race / faction change + epic flying mounts ! You CAN NOT use your old vote points for these, you have to collect points starting from now, read more info here !
This promotion is limited (only for a couple of months) so hurry up !

We have also implemented an option to buy forum reputation points with wow shop points ! For more info about forum reputation points system click here

Sunday, September 04 2016, 09:45:58
Kor'kron Dark Shaman is live (normal + LFR + Flex) !

Friday, August 26 2016, 23:24:03
by Shocker  
The current Grievous Gladiator PvP Season will end on 18th September, more info here

We have also changed the win 30 3v3 rated arenas quests. Those will no longer give vote points, but will give gold instead and are now 2 separate quests: one for normal rated 3v3 and one for solo queue rated 3v3

Friday, August 26 2016, 02:23:47
by Shocker  
Good news for old raid lovers, we've fixed and implemented various bosses (and some achievements). More fixes planned in the following period for low-level content (raids, zones, quests, etc)

- Static Charged randomly appearing on players (also caused combat bug)
- Flame Leviathan towers mechanics
- Flame Leviathan vehicles item level scaling
- Assembly of Iron encounter finish when all bosses are dead
- Yogg-Saron implemented

- Lord Rhyolith loot
- Alysrazor implemented
- Ragnaros implemented

Throne of the Four Winds:
- Conclave of Wind loot
- Al'akir implemented

Icecrown Citadel:
- Deathbringer Saurfang issues with door not opening after killing him
- The Lich King event re-start after wipe

Black Temple:
- Shade of Akama client crashes/encounter issues
- Illidan Stormrage encounter reset on wipe

Blackwing Descent:
- Magmaw implemented

Serpentshrine Cavern:
- The Lurker Below fishing spawn event

Molten Core:
- Ragnaros no longer killable twice

Sunwell Plateau:
- Kalecgos script & loot issues

- Instructor Razuvious client crashes/errors
- Thaddius issues with stucking in textures

Trial of the Crusader:
- Snobold Vassal unkillable issue

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