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Monday, September 19 2016, 23:28:10
by Shocker  
The Grievous Gladiator PvP Season has ended and the Prideful Gladiator PvP Season has begun !

PvP Ladders and Season Total earned conquest and honor points counters have been reset ! Nothing else has changed !

Final ladders / winers for the Grievous season can be seen

Friday, August 12 2016, 19:24:07
by Shocker  
We have started a promotion in the vote shop which includes some premium products: race / faction change + epic flying mounts ! You CAN NOT use your old vote points for these, you have to collect points starting from now, read more info here !
This promotion is limited (only for a couple of months) so hurry up !

We have also implemented an option to buy forum reputation points with wow shop points ! For more info about forum reputation points system click here

Sunday, September 04 2016, 09:45:58
Kor'kron Dark Shaman is live (normal + LFR + Flex) !

Thursday, September 01 2016, 00:00:07
by Shocker  
Lottery for August has ended ! Winners are: Oxim, Gryzzy, Erendhor
Each of them received Grinning Reaver, congratulations !

The lottery for September has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Friday, August 26 2016, 23:24:03
by Shocker  
The current Grievous Gladiator PvP Season will end on 18th September, more info here

We have also changed the win 30 3v3 rated arenas quests. Those will no longer give vote points, but will give gold instead and are now 2 separate quests: one for normal rated 3v3 and one for solo queue rated 3v3

Friday, August 26 2016, 02:23:47
by Shocker  
Good news for old raid lovers, we've fixed and implemented various bosses (and some achievements). More fixes planned in the following period for low-level content (raids, zones, quests, etc)

- Static Charged randomly appearing on players (also caused combat bug)
- Flame Leviathan towers mechanics
- Flame Leviathan vehicles item level scaling
- Assembly of Iron encounter finish when all bosses are dead
- Yogg-Saron implemented

- Lord Rhyolith loot
- Alysrazor implemented
- Ragnaros implemented

Throne of the Four Winds:
- Conclave of Wind loot
- Al'akir implemented

Icecrown Citadel:
- Deathbringer Saurfang issues with door not opening after killing him
- The Lich King event re-start after wipe

Black Temple:
- Shade of Akama client crashes/encounter issues
- Illidan Stormrage encounter reset on wipe

Blackwing Descent:
- Magmaw implemented

Serpentshrine Cavern:
- The Lurker Below fishing spawn event

Molten Core:
- Ragnaros no longer killable twice

Sunwell Plateau:
- Kalecgos script & loot issues

- Instructor Razuvious client crashes/errors
- Thaddius issues with stucking in textures

Trial of the Crusader:
- Snobold Vassal unkillable issue

Saturday, August 20 2016, 14:47:04
by Shocker  
Challenge Mode realm best achievements have been fixed, including the temporary titles !

Friday, August 19 2016, 12:06:49
by Shocker  
Iron Juggernaut is live (normal + LFR + Flex) !

Thursday, August 11 2016, 19:05:33
by Shocker  
We have changed the website address, it is now to better ilustrate the fact that we're an international WoW server !

The new realmlist is
set realmlist
You DO NOT have to change your realmlist, you can still use the old one !

Showing latest fixes for Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8 (08/13/2016): (Click here to see more server fixes)
- Fixes done in the past period. As you can see we've done both PvP and PvE fixes and also various general mechanics. Lots of fixes are not in this list due to the huge amount of fixes we've done, there were lots of fixes in all categories but for some of them we simply didn't have time to write them down:
Heart of Fear
Blade Lord Ta'yak
Imperial Vizier Zor'lok
Throne of Thunder
Durumu the Forgotten
Dark Animus
Iron Qon
Twn Consorts
Lei Shen
Siege of Orgrimmar
The Fallen Protectors
Sha of Pride
- Dagger in the Dark
- Domination Point
- Lion's Landing
- Theramore's Fall (A)
- Theramore's Fall (H)
- Troves of the Thunder King
- Raid Finder (LFR)
- Black Market
- Flexible Raid
- Personal Loot
- Bonus Roll
- Challenge Mode @ Dungeons
- Timeless Isle
- Celestials and Ordos
- Autoloot for herbalism / mining / etc
- Implemented blizzlike cutscenes to legendary quests
- Dungeon Finder - teleport to dungeon after finishing one dungeon issues
- Void Storage issues
- Over 60 server crash reasons
- Chapter I: Trial of the Black Prince
- Chapter II: Wrathion's War
- Chapter III: Two Princes
- Fully reworked feed log
- 3D Character viewer
- Battle Pets @ char info
- List of collected Mounts
- List of collected Battle Pets
- PvE Raid Progression
- Item tooltips now have a 3D model image of the item
- Achievements earned @ activity feed
- Spell enchants without corresponding items (cloak enchants, etc)
- Challenge Mode leaderboards
- 3v3 Solo Queue @ leaderboards
- The Perfect Storm
- Full Coverage
- I've Got the Power
- Powerball
- Master of Temple of Kotmogu
- City Defender / City Defender now works when not in a group too
- Wrath of the Horde / Wrath of the Alliance now works when not in a group too
- City Attacker / City Attacker now works when not in a group too
- I Had It in My Hand (retroactive)
- What was Briefly Yours is Now Mine (retroactive)
- It Belongs in a Museum! (retroactive)
- Digger (retroactive)
- Diggerer (retroactive)
- Diggerest (retroactive)
- It's Always in the Last Place You Look (retroactive)
- Making History (NOT RETROACTIVE)
- PVE:
- I thought he was supposed to be hard?
- Heroic: Protectors of the Endless
- Terrace of Endless Spring (Protectors)
- Terrace of Endless Spring Guild Run (Protectors)
- The Twilight Destroyer (25 player) / The Twilight Destroyer (10 player)
- Ordos (requires players to have legendary cloak to receive achievement)
- Ordos Guild Run (same as above)
- Throne of Thunder Guild Run (Twin Consorts issues)
- Heroic: Lord Rhyolith
- Firelands Guild Run (Lord Rhyolith)
- Pro Pet Mob reward (if you already have the achieve ask a gamemaster to give you the reward)
- The Longest Day (if you already have all quests done and not triggered complete another quest from the list again)
- Mighty Miners (wasn't completing when counter reached max)
- Bushels and Bushels (same as above)
- Legend of the Brewfathers
- This Isn't Even My Final Form
- For the Ward!
- The Zandalari Prophecy
- Gods and Monsters
- Transmute: Living Steel discovery
- Enraged Regeneration cannot be usable while having Vengeance
- Don't allow Sweeping Strikes to proc from Thunder Clap and Dragon Roar
- Don't allow Blood Horror to proc from Heroic Leap
- Fix issues with Raging Blow not being enabled when casting Berserker Rage immediately after using Raging Blow
- Allow Shockwave to be affected by Seasoned Soldier
- Ardent Defender logic, it shouldn't allow health above 15%
- Allow Daybreak to proc Mastery: Illuminated Healing
- Dont' allow Holy Prism to pierce immunity
- Glyph of Pillar of Light proc on self too
- Seal of Justice proc
- Don't allow Repentance to be removed by heals
- Repentance duration in PvP
- Glyph of the Falling Avenger
- Execution Sentence removed delay
- Item - Paladin T15 Retribution 2P Bonus
- Untalented version of Turn Evil should affed DKs with Lichborne
- Item - Paladin T16 Holy 4P Bonus
- Item - Paladin T16 Holy 2P Bonus
- Item - Paladin T16 Protection 4P Bonus
- Item - Paladin T16 Protection 2P Bonus
- Item - Paladin T16 Retribution 4P Bonus
- Item - Paladin T16 Retribution 2P Bonus
- Guardian of Ancient Kings @ Retribution should scale AP dynamically
- Execution Sentence damage and heal
- Remove stampeded pets when owner dies
- Glaive Toss hitting unattackable targets (like Demonic Gateway)
- Glyph of Fetch
- Glyph of Camouflage @ Pet speed
- Change traps arming delay to be in milliseconds for increased accuracy
- Narrow Escape instant root
- Stampede pets should follow owner if there is no valid target to attack
- Mastery: Master of Beasts affects Stampede too
- Allow Stampede on low level targets too
- Stampede pets stamina scaling
- Don't allow taming Direhorns if player doesn't have Ancient Zandalari Knowledge
- Stampede pets no longer use their spells
- Item - Hunter T16 4P Bonus
- Item - Hunter T16 2P Bonus
- Summon Stampede pets behind the target instantly
- Don't apply Hunter's Mark from Arcane Shot, Kill Command, Explosive Shot if player doesn't have the spell yet
- Deadly Poison DoT should remove Stealth\Subterfuge
- Remove Subterfuge aura when using items
- Nightstalker for vanish
- Stealth shouldn't be removed by battleground buffs, only by Shadow Sight
- Mastery: Potent Poisons @ Envenom benefits
- Nerve Strike shouldn't trigger combat
- Anticipation for extra combo points @ Sinister Strike @ Revealing Strike
- Killing Spree + Shadow Blades
- Allow Garrote, Deadly Poison and Venomous Wounsd to be affected by Assassin's Resolve
- Glyph of Killing Spree
- Item - Rogue T14 4P Bonus exploit
- Resets Bandit's Guile when entering arena
- Interrupt single target spells if target stealthed only if it's in casting state, was causing stealth to evade all flying/delayed spells
- Soul Reaper should fully ignore Cloak of Shadows
- Don't allow Paralytic Poison to gain stacks while target is already stunned by it
- Shadowmeld should enable all abilities that require stealth
- Decrease minimum GCD to 500ms
- Blade Flurry should be triggered by Mastery: Main Gauche
- Don't allow Burst of Speed while hexed
- Item - Rogue T16 2P Bonus
- Lightwell Renew can crit
- Holy Word: Chastise shouldn't have dr
- From Darkness, Comes Light visual
- Allow Mind Flay to be cast on Bladestorm
- Glyph of Inner Sanctum dmg reduction
- Glyph of Smite no longer causes the additional 20% damage dealt by Smite to transfer into Atonement
- Don't allow Atonement to proc from Power Word: Solace
- Psyfiend fear range
- Psyfiend GCD on interrupt
- Penance @ Atonoment not triggering procs
- Don't allow Void Shift on non-player targets
- Divine Insight proc: Now it will only be removed at the end of the Mind Blast cast.
- Dominate Mind no longer remains with permanent timer
- Mind Sear on pets shouldn't enable PvP
- Item - Priest T16 Shadow 2P Bonus
- Item - Priest T16 Shadow 4P Bonus
- Item - Priest T16 Healer 2P Bonus
- Item - Priest T16 Healer 4P Bonus
Death Knight
- Army of the Dead damage
- Scent of Blood proc only from autoattacks
- Item - Death Knight T16 DPS 2P Bonus
- Don't remove Death Runes while in combat
- Item - Death Knight T16 DPS 4P Bonus
- Don't allow Leap \ Shambling Rush while rooted
- Item - Death Knight T16 Blood 4P Bonus
- Item - Death Knight T16 Blood 2P Bonus
- Water Shield exploits
- Don't allow Earthgrab Totem to hit targets not in los
- Fix stats inheriting for shaman fire/earth elementals
- Glyph of Spirit Wolf
- Don't consume Maelstrom Weapon charge if already having Ancestral Swiftness
- Allow Purification (Ancestral Vigor) to proc form hots too
- Remove Chain Heal increase for Glyph of Unstable Earth
- Ancestral Awakening double dip for Battle Fatigue
- Earthquake is death persistent
- Glyph of Purging
- Primal Elementalist various fixes
- Searing Flames proc from elemental melee attacks not spells
- Lava Beam chance to be devided depending on number of targets
- Spirit Link Totem fixed heal\damage
- Item - Shaman T16 Elemental 2P Bonus
- Item - Shaman T16 Elemental 4P Bonus
- Item - Shaman T16 Enhancement 2P Bonus
- Item - Shaman T16 Restoration 2P Bonus
- Item - Shaman T16 Enhancement 4P Bonus
- Item - Shaman T16 Restoration 4P Bonus
- Allow Earth Shield to be Spellstolen (actually just dispelled, don't allow the mage to receive the buff)
- Mirror Image @ Frostbolt damage
- Brain Freeze proc only from most recently applied mage bomb
- Item - Mage T15 4P Bonus
- Mastery: Mana Adept for DoTs too
- Teleport: Vale of Eternal Blossoms @ faction specific teleports
- Fireball, Frostfire Bolt, Pyroblast should have a travel time cap of 750ms
- Polymorphs spells
- Incanter's Ward exploits
- Glyph of Rapid Displacement
- Alter Time copies trinket procs
- Freeze @ Water Elemental should remove stealth
- Spellsteal @ problems with single-target restrictions with Lifebloom when spell stolen
- Ring of Frost should target stealthed/invisible units too
- Item - Mage T16 2P Bonus
- Pyroblast! proc: Now it will only be removed at the end of the Pyroblast! (instant) cast
- Item - Mage T16 4P Bonus
- Glyph of Icy Veins
- Frostfire Bolt to not benefit from 25% damage increase when Fingers of Frost is on caster
- Brain Freeze is removed on Frostfire Bolt launch not on landing
- Fix doubled 4x increased damage for Ice Lance if target was already frozen and Fingers of frost aura is present on caster
- Don't allow Demonic Gateway while cc'ed
- Nightfall proc chance from Corruption
- Agony damage
- Don't allow Grimoire of Sacrifice if pet is out of range or in Los
- Haunt various fixes
- Sleep dr in Metamorphosis
- Don't allow Flames of Xoroth for Felguard @ non-demonology spec
- Don't convert Corruption and Hand of Gul'dan in Dark Apotheosis
- Curse of Exhaustion @ Soulburn
- Shadowflame should always be a debuff
- Metamorphosis weapon damage
- Howl of Terror cd reduction
- Warlock pets should also inherit spell hit chance as expertise (for dodge/parry)
- Don't allow Grimoire of Supremacy pets through Flames of Xoroth if talent was removed
- Malefic Grasp visual
- Harvest Life damage increase @ Drain Life
- Burning Rush shouldn't trigger procs
- Grimoire of Sacrifice damage increase for Wild Imps and Metamorphosis melee damage
- Permanent warlock pets should update their melee damage (spell power based) dynamically
- Soul Swap snapshotting
- Haunt soul shard refund on dispel
- Create Soulwell not allowing players to use it if they already have a Healthstone in their bags
- Glyph of Curse of Exhaustion duration
- Item - Warlock T16 2P Bonus
- Item - Warlock T16 4P Bonus
- Backdraft no longer be consumed on Incinerate/Chaos Bolt hitting the target, but on cast
- Fire and Brimstone @ Incinerate to consume Backdraft
- Demonic Gateway have a downward vertical limit
- Dark Bargain double dipping Resilience
- Demonic Gateway shouldn't interrupt jump/teleport on CC
- Grimoire of Sacrifice should't benefit from Mastery
- Glyph of Demon Training issues
- Rain of Fire should remove Camouflage
- Shadowflame shouldn't get removed when more powerful slow is applied
- Shadowburn on minions should return Burning Ember
- Glyph of Falling Meteor
- Glyph of Felguard
- Drain Soul handling for multiple warlocks
- Blood Horror should trigger Subterfuge
- Grimoire of Sacrifice shouldn't affect Drain Life
- Burning Rush should cancel when no HP left
- Glyph of Cat Form permanently active without having the glyph
- Entangling Roots now correctly trigger combat state
- Don't allow Cyclone to last longer in PvP due to Nature's Swiftness which increases its duration
- Nature's Vigil always heal the lowest HP party member
- Don't allow Nature's Vigil to hit CC'ed enemy targets
- Item - Druid PvP Set Feral 4P Bonus
- Don't allow Nature's Swiftness to proc from Regrowth ticks
- Force of Nature forces combat when cast
- Force of Nature @ Treants should ignore CC'ed targets
- Mass Entanglement now hits stealthed units
- Allow any charge paths in arenas/battlegrounds
- Disorienting Roar should remove stealth
- Fix energy visual bug after casting Play Dead @ Symbiosis
- Don't make restoration Wild Mushroom visible again when moving if original mushroom wasn't visible
- Item - Druid T15 Restoration 4P Bonus
- Wild Mushroom should be selectable and targetable by friendly spells
- Don't allow Living Seed to proc at full health
- Sunfire @ Celestial Alignment should also apply Moonfire
- Allow mounting on Moonkin form
- Remove Prowl @ Incarnation: King of the Jungle when shapeshifting out of Cat Form
- Glyph of One With Nature
- Force of Nature can crit
- Remove Living Seed when it procs
- Lifebloom snapshots refresh when Lifebloom is refreshed by Nourish / Healing Touch / Regrowth
- Lifebloom refresh to not increase stacks
- Typhoon knockback strength
- Wild Growth heal decay per tick
- Glyph of Omens trigger eclipses
- Fix health after shapeshifting out of Bear Form while having Might of Ursoc
- Mass Entanglement should break stealth from affected targets
- Item - Druid T15 Feral 2P Bonus
- Item - Druid T15 Balance 4P Bonus
- Item - Druid T16 Restoration 2P Bonus
- Shooting Stars proc: Now it will only be removed at the end of the Starsurge cast
- Item - Druid T16 Restoration 4P Bonus
- Item - Druid T16 Guardian 2P Bonus
- Item - Druid T16 Guardian 4P Bonus
- Glyph of Guided Stars
- Item - Druid T16 Feral 2P Bonus
- Item - Druid T16 Feral 4P Bonus
- Faerie Fire damages only in Bear Form
- Shooting Stars procs only from Moonfire \ Sunfire
- Glyph of Hurricane
- Nature's Vigil targets only units that are in combat
- Celestial Alignment no longer resets Eclipse duration
- Heart of the Wild additional targets
- Celestial Alignment only remove Astral Storm, not cast
- Do not remove Omen of Clarity when Stampede is present on caster
- Wild Mushroom: Bloom target players that are not in LoS
- Omen of Clarity procs
- Rising Sun Kick stack for each caster
- Chi Wave prioritize low health targets and to only jump on targets from same raid
- Paralysis pvp duration
- Brewing: Tigereye Brew visual alert
- Don't allow Fists of Fury go through los
- Touch of Karma trigger procs, especially remove DoTs that break on damage
- Healing Sphere activation range
- Healing Sphere smart heal mechanic
- Don't allow Zen Sphere DoT to hit CC'ed targets
- Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger various fixes
- Life Cocoon should force HoTs snapshots to update on apply\remove
- Chi Burst range
- Remove Tigereye Brew and Mana Tea when boss encounter starts
- Avert Harm
- Momentum proc
- Sanctuary of the Ox buff to be applied only on players and to be applied on the most injured player
- Uplift refreshing all raid members Renewing Mist @ Thunder Focus Tea, not just subgroup members
- Swift Reflexes
- Item - Monk T16 Brewmaster 2P Bonus
- Item - Monk T16 Mistweaver 4P Bonus
- Item - Monk T16 Brewmaster 4P Bonus
- Item - Monk T16 Windwalker 4P Bonus
- Item - Monk T16 Windwalker 2P Bonus
- Item - Monk T16 Mistweaver 2P Bonus
- Roll @ glyph
- Tiger Strikes offhand attack
- Thunder Focus Tea to not interrupt Soothing Mist
- Healing Sphere to not be consumed on Chi Burst trigger
- Stagger damage stacking
- Fortifying Brew health increase
- Summon Black Ox Statue should apply Guard only on one player

Tuesday, August 09 2016, 21:47:19
by Shocker  
3D Character Model Viewer has been implemented on the WoW Freakz Armory !
Want to show off your transmog gear? Just give someone else your armory profile link and let them drool !

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