Freakz Shadowlands realm Shadowsong is now merged into the Firestorm Shadowlands realm Oribos!
You can continue to play with your characters on Firestorm starting now.
Start anew on this Legion project
based on the 7.3.5 client
Transfer your character to Firestorm
and play shadowlands 9.2

Greetings everyone,
This is a very important announcement
about the new direction of WoW Freakz,
please read it thoroughly!

As you may know, WoW Freakz, in terms of its infrastructure and website,
is very outdated and becoming increasingly difficult to maintain.
Therefore we have decided to stop operating Freakz as you know it and,
instead, we’ll be continuing its legacy in two paths from here on:

We will be merging Shadowsong into the Firestorm network, you will be
able to continue your journey into the latest patches and expansions
(9.2, Dragonflight, etc) there.
We know that many of you, just like us, hold Legion close to your hearts,
so we would like to invite you to our new Legion project, Felsong, which
is currently in closed alpha and is expected to release this year.

Continue reading for more details on both of these paths, everything you
need to know is explained below.

Shadowsong is merging with Firestorm!

After long and careful consideration we have decided that it’s in
the best interest of everyone, players and staff alike,
to merge WoW Freakz’s and Firestorm’s Shadowlands realms.
This will improve the overall state of the game, giving everyone
more players to play with, resulting in a healthier
and more active player base and economy.

This merge is expected to happen this November,
allowing you and your guild to finish your goals in patch 9.1.5 and to
make new friends along the way before starting
to conquer the trials and challenges of patch 9.2.

All of your Freakz progress, including characters*, guilds**,
gear, pets, mounts, toys, transmogs, etc.
will be accessible on Firestorm’s Shadowlands realm, Oribos.

Freakz users will be able to play on Firestorm without the need of a Firestorm account;
they will be able to use their Freakz username and password to connect
using either the usual Freakz client or the Firestorm client,
and they will be able to access everything they had!

However, we STRONGLY recommend everyone to merge their Freakz accounts
into a Firestorm account (a dedicated link to do so will be available at a later time)
in order to access all of Firestorm’s website’s features,
such as password recovery, unstuck, loyalty points, the shop, etc.

Merging your Freakz account into a Firestorm account will require you to link
an e-mail address to your Freakz account - if this e-mail
address is already linked to an existing Firestorm account,
the accounts will be merged into one.
If it doesn’t already exist, a new Firestorm account will be created instead.

Important: Once you have linked your e-mail address you need to use it
to login every time, you will no longer be able to login with your Freakz username!

If you have any donation funds remaining on your WoW Freakz account,
you will receive 16 Firestorm points per 1$ of WoW Freakz funds.

*Character names may need to be changed depending on whether an ACTIVE character
with the same name exists on Firestorm, more info on how this will be handled can be found below.

**Guild names will have an extra tag added to their name if a duplicate guild already exists on Firestorm.
Rename requests will be addressed to the Firestorm Staff.

Details about the merge procedure

In order to make things as fair as possible for everyone,
the Firestorm team and us have agreed to the following terms when it comes to duplicate character names:

If one character is level 60 on EITHER server, while the other character is not, the level 60 will keep the name.
If both or neither characters are level 60, we will check if either character was active in the past 60 days.
If one was active but the other was not, the active character keeps the name.
If both are active, the character with the higher overall /played time keeps the name.

If you need to rename your character due to it having a duplicate name,
you will be asked to rename your character when trying to log into it.
This rename is, of course, free of charge.

Legion returns on Felsong!

We have been asked again and again to bring back Legion ever since we moved on to BFA,
so we would like to use this opportunity to remind you that we,
alongside the Firestorm team, are working on a new Legion project called Felsong,
bringing back this fan-favorite expansion in a better quality than ever before.

Felsong is based on patch 7.3.5, however, content will be released progressively,
simulating blizzlike patch releases. This means that you will use a 7.3.5 client
to play and that all class changes are based on the latest 7.3.5 values, however,
we will start on patch 7.0 content, the Emerald Nightmare.

While we used our old Legion core from December 2020 as a base for Felsong,
we have been working on it for more than a year now to ensure a smoother,
much more blizzlike experience for our players.

Some of Felsong’s core features are:
NO Pay2Win
Blizzlike content
Starting level 98 with 1.5x XP rates for 98-110 leveling

If you wish to (re-)experience Legion, we are more than happy to welcome you at Felsong.
While we are currently still in our closed alpha phase, a public, open beta is not that far away,
giving everyone a chance to test the content before release and helping our
developers in ironing out any remaining issues to ensure a smooth launch experience.

Join our discord now :