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    »(*) Tracking the Thieves (today)
    » Chromie Scenario - Void Gargant... (today)
    » Flaming Orb vs. pets @ Kil'jaed... (today)
    » Erupting Orb range @ Kil'jaeden (today)
    » Timewalking Historian Llore (today)
    » Harbinger (today)
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Friday, September 20 2019, 05:06
Kil'jaeden @ Tomb of Sargeras has been implemented on all modes! We will keep Mythic Mode ToS closed until 8 PM server time (GMT+2) so everyone can start the Realm First! Kil'jaeden run at the same time.

Sunday, September 15 2019, 05:46
We have just reset the Mythic+ Leaderboards mainly because of the recent boss healths fixes (they had 7.1.5 HP on mythic instead of 7.2.5 HP). Keystones and weekly bests were also deleted, sorry about the inconvenience

Wednesday, September 11 2019, 15:12
The Deaths of Chromie scenario has been fully implemented! Check your Adventure Guide (SHIFT+J) for Chromie quest.

Complete her challenges and gain her trust in order to obtain cool transmog sets, pets, the Timelord title and more!

Check out this guide for more info.

P.S.: Since you can farm Timewarped Badge in the Chromie scenario, we have spawned the Timewalking Vendors (no, this does not mean we implemented Timewalking, we just spawned the vendors so you can buy cool stuff with the Timewarped Badges from Chromie farms)

Sunday, September 01 2019, 11:40
Check out our new Custom Boss Event, Circle of Power: Queen! Head now to Dalaran - Broken Shore near the Violet Hold and band up with others to fight against the Queen! You may find lots of prizes along the way. More details here

Sunday, September 01 2019, 00:00
Lottery for August has ended ! The winners are:
Genesis: Erzafire, Shelava, Ocealana (Stormcrow)
Felsong: Illidanasa, Herja, Mgau (Grinning Reaver)

Congratulations! The lottery for September has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Thursday, August 22 2019, 16:08
COMBAT ALLIES (Bodyguards) have been fully implemented! See this guide for info on how to use them.

We also did some fixes to the followers system:
- Max active champions increased to 7, info here
- Champions can now be upgraded to Titled quality, info here
- Champions equipment slots fixed, info here

Unfortunately because of these bugs (some players had a lot more equipment slots and all had all the equipment slots available regardless of follower quality) and because of this exploit, we had to reset the equipment slots and items of ALL FOLLOWERS FROM ALL PLAYERS, you will have to gear your followers again (we also reset the quests Only The Best and Championing Our Cause for everyone, you can do them again) and you will have to upgrade them to Titled quality if you want all 3 slots available.

For those interested we also added champion equipment to the website shop

P.S. They're kinda OP, hurry before we nerf them

Monday, August 19 2019, 14:31
Kirin Tor world quests have been implemented! See a list of guides here however please don't forget, they're both fun and a bit complicated, be sure to follow the instructions exactly

Friday, August 09 2019, 05:06
LIGHT'S HEART questline has been fully implemented! Find out Illidan Stormrage's epic story by accepting A Falling Star quest in Dalaran. Check out this guide for more information.

In case you don't know, by completing this questline you'll unlock a new Artifact Appearance (Appearance 1, Tint 3).

Friday, August 02 2019, 11:39
Fallen Avatar @ Tomb of Sargeras has been implemented on all difficulties (normal, heroic, mythic, LFR)

Monday, July 29 2019, 14:09
Below you can find a list of videos from Mythic Tomb of Sargeras for tactics/etc, made by Indecisive & Classified guilds

Goroth /
Demonic Inquisition
Harjatan /
Mistress Sassz'ine /
Sisters of the Moon
The Desolate Host
Maiden of Vigilance /

Remember, if you have a good footage from a raid boss and we don't have any video of it yet you can submit it to us to add it on the website/server info page

Monday, July 22 2019, 09:36
Ferocious Gladiator 4 PvP Season has started! See info about rewards/etc here. Also, in case you didn't see, we've done all the 7.2.5 PvP-related fixes:
- Ferocious Elite / Ferocious Combatant / Ferocious Combatant achievements
- To the forge it goes... quest + Gladiator's Tattered Cloak drop at arena/bg win
- New 7.2.5 relics drop in PvP
- Obliterable PvP items + PvP Loot tokens
- Artifacts Artificial Stamina changes (see info here and here)
- All 7.2.5 PvP class hotfixes (and other important class fixes), you can see them here
- Prestige Level 17
(see full info about 7.2.5 changes here)