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Saturday, October 14 2017, 03:38
Trial of Valor has been fully implemented on all difficulties, currently WITHOUT the Realm First! Helya

For the realm first race, we will disable Trial of Valor Mythic mode Friday morning (20th October) after the PvE reset and we will enable it again Friday night at 8 PM server time so all guilds will start the raid in the same time.

P.S.: Item level caps (world quest reward ilvl, warforged/titanforged max ilvl, pvp ilvl, etc) will remain the same until we open Nighthold!

Thursday, October 05 2017, 04:54
Vindictive Gladiator Legion PvP Season 1 has officially started.
It will last 3 months and it comes with lots of cool rewards (
achievements, mounts, titles).

For more info please read

Sunday, October 01 2017, 00:00
Lottery for September has ended ! Winners are:
Genesis: Kungfucion, Allocen, Mycaka (Hearthsteed)
Felsong: Jvd, Hexxis, Wumon (Felfire Hawk)

Congratulations! The lottery for October has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Thursday, September 28 2017, 12:33
Weekly Bonus Events have been implemented! They will begin on Friday morning, 29th September, and rotate each Friday morning every week. You can see their schedule here or in the ingame calendar. The quests can be taken from Archmage Timear or from the adventure guide (but only when their event is active)

Battleground Bonus Event: A Call To Battle / Sign of Battle
Legion Dungeon Event: Emissary of War / Sign of the Warrior
World Quest Bonus Event: The World Awaits / Sign of the Emissary
Arena Skirmish Bonus Event: The Arena Calls / Sign of the Skirmisher
Pet Battle Bonus Event: The Very Best / Sign of the Critter

Tuesday, September 26 2017, 05:42
Tanaan Jungle has been implemented!

However, since our priority is Legion content, it does not contain the full blizzlike story (or Hellfire Citadel), but the main quest chain / daily quests / vendors are scripted. We will implement the rest in the near future, including Hellfire Citadel raid

Sunday, September 24 2017, 20:47
We are about to start the official WoW Freakz PvP Season (couple of days most likely), but we decided to ask the community about how it should be named and what rewards we should offer. Please tell us your thoughts here

Saturday, September 23 2017, 12:55
Return to Karazhan has been implemented!

Saturday, September 16 2017, 11:46
Xavius @ Emerald Nightmare has been implemented on all difficulties (normal, heroic, mythic), currently WITHOUT the Realm First! Xaivus

UPDATE: For the realm first race, we will disable Emerald Nightmare Mythic mode Friday morning after the PvE reset and we will enable it again Friday night at 8 PM server time so all guilds will be required to start the raid in the same time.

Regarding the rest of the PvE, we're already working on Trial of Valor and Nighthold (some bosses already scripted) + Karazhan which is almost done, needs some minor fixes. We will hopefully release some of them soon

Tuesday, September 05 2017, 01:12
The recent facebook lottery with more than 1000$ ingame shop prizes has ended. So many participants, thousands! Thank you for that! However, we have to select some winners (we did that randomly). But don't worry, because we saw so much interest, we will make more similar lotteries soon. To see the winners list check this post

If you are a winner and want to claim your reward, login with your wow facebook account here and read the instructions

Tuesday, August 15 2017, 18:19
Migrations / Transfers to WoW Freakz Legion realm are now open! Info about migrations here. If you're not yet convinced to transfer to WoW Freakz just check our fixed bugs list

We're also having a contest and rewarding winners with more than 1000$ ingame shop points to spend on whatever you want, on any expansion (MoP or Legion). All you have to do is LIKE & SHARE this facebook post. EVERYONE can participate in this contest, including old players.

Prizes: 1 player will receive 100$, 2 players will receive 50$ each, 3 players will receive 30$ each, 20 players will receive 20$ each and 40 players will receive 10$ each

Contest ends on 1st September. Winners will be selected randomly from the list of facebook accounts which liked & shared the post

Saturday, August 12 2017, 18:19
Cenarius @ Emerald Nightmare has been implemented (all modes: normal, heroic, mythic)

Regarding future PvE content, we already started working on Xavius @Emerald Nightmare, Odyn @Trial of Valor and Return to Karazhan (Odyn & Karazhan are almost finished)

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