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Monday, July 24 2017, 16:47:33
We have implemented the first part of the CLASS CAMPAIGNS! You can now recruit more followers, and, at the end of the first part, you will receive the artifact appearance and the 3rd relic slot!
(yes, we know there were some issues at system launch, we already fixed ~all of them, some of them requiring a restart)

P.S.: We had a NEW record of online players on the Legion realm, +4000 online, thank you for being part of this great server!

Friday, July 21 2017, 05:22:03
We made various changes to the Legendary drop system for an even better blizzlike experience. Here are the most important changes:

- Proc chance now correctly
scales with source, meaning you will have a higher chance to get a legendary in a Mythic+12 dungeon than in a Mythic+5, or higher chance from a heroic raid than from a normal raid, or higher chance from Emissary caches than from world rare elites, or etc, it depends on the complexity of the task.

Anti-bad luck system: For those that don't know, this system takes care of unlucky players which farmed legendaries for a long time but were not lucky to get one. This is a rather complex algorithm, so there really isn't too much to explain here. We need to mention that there is no info about how it's handled on retail, it was just a result of our extensive research. The anti bad luck system is also dependent on the source (for example doing mythic dungeons increases the bad luck bonus more than a normal dungeon does, or more than killing rares in world does). Also, please remember that for the anti bad luck system to be effective, you need to actually farm them ingame, not stay AFK. Another important aspect is that the anti bad luck system will start being effective from NOW, so whatever you did until now won't count.

- We will NOT tolerate arena wintrade anymore. If you wintrade, YOUR LEGENDARY ITEMS WILL BE DELETED and your anti bad luck bonus will be reset (start from 0 again), regardless if you got them from arena matches or from other sources, so think 10 times before even considering to wintrade.

Please report any unusual events (too many drops, etc)

Monday, July 17 2017, 02:55:59
Warforged / Titanforged system has been implemented for all sources (quests / world quests, emissaries, dungeons, raids, world bosses, mythic+, PvP weekly quests/random drops, rares, etc)

Saturday, July 15 2017, 05:13:06

Legion PvE content update: Vault of the Wardens + The Arcway dungeons (all modes, including mythic+) + Elerethe Renferal @ The Emerald Nightmare (normal / heroic / mythic) have been implemented

Thursday, July 13 2017, 03:39:43
Info about upcoming Legion content / mechanics / events:
- Mounts / pets achievements transfer from MoP to Legion - info will be posted in ~1 week (transfers will also begin around that time too)
PvE situation - The Arcway & Vault of the Wardens dungeons + Elerethe Renferal @ Emerald Nightmare are almost done, need final fixes and tests. Karazan development is in progress.
PvP Season - The PvP Season is not officialy started yet, we want to make sure classes are somewhat balanced before starting it. If everything is ok, we'll start it in 2 weeks
Warforged / Titanforged - The system is almost done, will hopefully be live in a couple of days
Class Campaigns - Since the quest chains for each class are extremely long and require a lot of scripting, it will be a while until we'll have them, but we plan on releasing the first part (champions/followers quests) for each class very soon. We might also consider enabling 3rd relic slot upon completing the first part of the chain
Legendary items - Procs/effects of legendary items are being worked on, hopefully all will be fixed in one week (there are just too many of them, ~150 items)
Professions - As you may have already seen a lot them have already received fixes, expect more fixes in the following days
Migrations - We will open migrations from other servers to the Legion realm in one week
Vote Shop - We'll be enabling more options / items in the vote shop in the following days (WoD/Legion mounts / pets / fun items / transmog gear / etc)
WoW Shop - Same as vote shop, we'll enable WoD / Legion options / items in the following days
- ... and many more

We can't give exact release dates because we're working on a lot of content and unexpected issues might/will occur for each of them, so please keep in mind there might be unexpected delays for each of those mentioned above, but we'll try to minimalize those delays.

P.S.: If for a second you start doubting us, just check the
fixed bug reports

Monday, July 10 2017, 22:20:58
The Prideful Gladiator PvP Season 2 on Genesis realm has ended ! You can view the final ladders here

The new
Prideful Gladiator PvP Season 3 has started, it will last 4 months !

More info

Saturday, July 01 2017, 00:00:02
Lottery for June has ended ! Winners are: Nomiya, Ivine, Allkimista
Each of them received Ghastly Charger, congratulations !

The lottery for July has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Thursday, June 29 2017, 21:30:03
World Quests & Emissary Quests system has been fully implemented!
You can check the active world quests at any time

Sunday, June 25 2017, 16:08:57
Emerald Nightmare is now open on normal + heroic + mythic, including scaling (LFR not yet)
Currently first 4 bosses:
Nythendra, Il'gynoth, Ursoc, Dragons

Don't forget about Boss Timers

Saturday, June 24 2017, 13:40:07
WoW Shop and Ingame Shop have been enabled. Currently with limited options, we'll add more in the following period,right now we're focusing our time on ingame priority fixes and stability.

Thursday, June 15 2017, 20:48:06
LEGION IS LIVE! Don't forget, server was just launched, there are still various aspects we need to take care of but overall player feeling seems to be great.

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