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Sunday, June 25 2017, 16:08:57
Emerald Nightmare is now open on normal + heroic + mythic, including scaling (LFR not yet)
Currently first 4 bosses:
Nythendra, Il'gynoth, Ursoc, Dragons

Don't forget about Boss Timers

Saturday, June 24 2017, 13:40:07
WoW Shop and Ingame Shop have been enabled. Currently with limited options, we'll add more in the following period,right now we're focusing our time on ingame priority fixes and stability.

Thursday, June 15 2017, 20:48:06
LEGION IS LIVE! Don't forget, server was just launched, there are still various aspects we need to take care of but overall player feeling seems to be great.

Wednesday, June 14 2017, 16:01:45
Legion live realm will be launched Thursday, 15th June, at 8 PM (GMT+3, server time). Important things to take in consideration:
- If you are interested in the mounts/pets/achievements transfer please carefully read the rules about
creating the Legion character, otherwise you will NOT be eligible for transfer
- We will be starting with a very limited
vote shop options, click to check them (be sure to have the Legion realm selected on site). Probably the most notable are the Heirlooms, some of them also give +XP bonus
- To avoid login issues please be sure to have the
latest launcher downloaded (it was updated a few days ago). If you still have problems please read the errors at launch section
- There might be some instability issues at first due to high amount of players, please be patient until we solve them
DON'T FORGET! The anti-hack system will be fully live on the live realm, you will be instantly banned on both account and IP if hacks are detected!


Monday, June 05 2017, 20:20:56

It's official! We are launching the live Legion realm on 15th June, 2017 (Thursday). The hour will be announced 1-2 days before the launch. Please keep in mind the following things:
- We had a
public poll to choose the name of the new realm. Our players have decided it should be Felsong
- We also had a
public poll to choose whether we transfer mounts, battle pets and achievements or not. Unfortunately the poll result is insane: 50% / 50% (click). Because of this we will have to take the decision ourselves: we have decided that we will do the transfers, please read this for more info about the transfers
- Don't forget about the
reserve char and reserve guild features

Thursday, June 01 2017, 19:59:21
WoW Freakz staff wishes everyone HAPPY CHILDREN DAY!. We have some presents for you:
- A surprise in major cities, visit them to claim it
- Free
+50 vote points to everyone that logged in in the past month
30% discount in the wow shop
- Some mini-events ingame tonight

Thursday, June 01 2017, 00:00:01
Lottery for May has ended ! Winners are: Nortfaer, Yurion, Dieboo
Each of them received Swift Windsteed, congratulations !

The lottery for June has just started ! Click here for more info on how to join !

Wednesday, May 31 2017, 12:37:22
MoP realm update: Good news for the legendary cloaks fans, we have greatly increased the drop chances of Sigils / Secrets / Runestones, chance is now double which will decrease the farm duration to half. This was done to accommodate with retail's catch up system.

Monday, May 15 2017, 23:54:38
Legion test realm update:
- Added a
vendor with free high level relics
- Enabled the 3rd relic slot for artifacts for free (just re-equip your item to unlock it)
- Updated the
PvE starter gear vendor to sell ilvl 800/820 items

You can find the vendors in the same place as before: starting zones (where you are spawned @ new char create)

(don't forget these are test-realm only)

Tuesday, May 09 2017, 22:58:50
Legion spoiler of the day: ARTIFACT ACQUISITION ZONES !

(we're still working to finish all of them, they will be available for public testing soon)

Thursday, May 04 2017, 14:59:39
We have implemented a TRIAL CHARACTERS system on the Legion realm. This will be available on the live realm too so we need testing for it before that happens. The idea behind trial characters is to allow new players to test our WoD/Legion content easily but without interfering too much with normal players' gameplay. Things to know about a trial char:
- You start with level 100
- The character will be DELETED after 2 hours of play time or 7 days since it was created
- You can create maximum 2 trial characters (on test realm the limit is 10)
- You will be added to a guild with the rest of the trial characters

- Join rated arenas / battlegrounds (you can skirmish / random)
- Join dungeons / raids / parties / guilds
- Chat on whisper
- Use trade / auctions / black market / mails
- Complete account-wide achievements
- Attack other players in non-PvP zones

- Free starter gear
- Free artifacts and Artifact Power
- Free Class Hall resources
- Free gold
- Free battle pets (they don't get saved)

Please post any bugs you find here. Also please let us know if you can exploit trial chars (sending items / gold to normal chars, etc)

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