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We are hiring Developers

Our team, projects and ambitions are in a continuous growth and we need proficient and passionate people with whom we can continue to deliver the best World of Warcraft experience.

We are looking for the following profiles:

Core Developers (C++)

- As a core dev, you must know C++ (and SQL where needed) at a medium/advanced level and have already worked with TrinityCore.
- Having experience with multiple areas of the game such as Spells, PvE content, Mechanics, Reverse is considered a big plus!

Database Developer (SQL/SAI)

- As a database dev, you're required to know SQL and have sufficient experience about how different tables and databases work and interact with each other.
- You must have worked with TrinityCore and know your way around it.

Our positions are paid, with real money obviously.

We will not respond to incomplete applications or unprofessional candidates, such as people wishing to learn or developers without any experience with TrinityCore.

If you are interested and you meet the requirements, please send an email to [email protected] with every relevant details, including your C.V. / LinkedIn profile, your Github profile and any other detail you find necessary.

Sire Denathrius @ Castle Nathria mythic has been killed! Congratulations to the Fanatics guild for the Realm First!

WoW Freakz team is expanding

We are seeking people with a passion for World of Warcraft to join our quality assurance squad and help us deliver the best Shadowlands experience to our players.

Click here for more info.

WoW Freakz staff wishes everyone HAPPY EASTER!

Visit the shop during 15 - 24 April for HUGE discounts, 30% off everything!

Castle Nathria Roadmap

We know that a lot of you are wondering what is our Castle Nathria release schedule, this roadmap should help the guilds and the PvE community to have a predictive timeline and to be prepared for what is to come.

Season 1 - Now Live

Season 1 will start on WoW Freakz on this Friday, 25.02.2022

What's new in Season 1:

- Castle Nathria First Wing (Shriekwing, Huntsman Altimor, Hungering Destroyer, Lady Inerva Darkvein) available on Normal & Heroic.

LFR will be fully available with ALL bosses!
Mythic will be available few weeks later.

- Mythic+ dungeons with the Prideful affix

- PvP Season 1: Sinful Gladiator

- The Great Vault system

- Valor / Conquest system

- WoW Shop fully implemented

Shadowlands Release Gifts

Join during Week 1 of Shadowlands and get the Wandering Ancient mount and a Level 50 Boost for FREE!

WoW Freakz - Shadowlands Client

New Expansion Coming: SHADOWLANDS!

February 14th 2022

“SL Freakz When?” Well, there it is!

We turned G’huun into a Blight Soup
We sent Jaina back into her magical library
We put the `Uu` into Uu’nat
We simped Queen Azshara ‘till her demise
And finally…
We kamehameha’d N’zoth.

Now it’s time to turn the page for our next chapter, Shadowlands!

Before anything else..

The Shadowlands client (9.1.5 - 40944) and launcher will be available for download in a few days.
We will offer a FREE level 50 boost per account to everyone logging in on the first week.
Everything on your account will be intact. We will NOT wipe any gold or item.
The realm “Warsong” will be renamed to something else. Click here and vote for the Shadowlands Realm Name!
We will not keep two realms. BFA will transition to Shadowlands.
We will not open a public PTR.
Every purchase of either Individual Items or Gear Packs made on BFA can be upgraded in Shadowlands for a small fee!
BFA PvP Season 4 will end right before Shadowlands release.

Methodology of the Expansion:

We will release the 9.1.5 (40944) client version of Shadowlands but with content lock, meaning you will experience progressive content, starting with the first season, 9.0.

Leveling from 1-50 will happen in Exile’s Reach and after that in BFA zones. We applied this method because those are the most player-friendly areas that WoW has to offer, prior to Shadowlands itself! In the future we will bring the other leveling areas back.
Read more about Chromie Time here.

We lowered the XP rate of our realm to 1.5x, don’t be discouraged, the leveling experience is very smooth and different in Shadowlands, you will enjoy it!

Our mission to have every Legacy content working will continue! You can check our changelog from BFA containing hundreds of fixes applied to the legacy content.

WoW Freakz’s unique events and cool contests will return in Shadowlands with new and amazing scenarios and rewards!

Classes will be balanced for patch 9.1.5, thus offering you a better and more predictable experience without headaches.

Learn more about Shadowlands content - click

Quality of Life:

Following the success of our quality of life changes brought to BFA, we’ll continue adding such changes during the lifespan of the expansion.

Here is a list with some of our Unique WoW Freakz changes:

- Stygia & Maw Reputation catch-up for alts
- Soul Ash server cap
- Maw intro skip option
- Mounts usable earlier in The Maw
- Ghost form flight while dead in Shadowlands
- Rated PvP Solo Queue
- Vendor for Castle Nathria conduits
- Dungeon teleports
- Guaranteed BoE 190 ilvl item on completing all Mythic dungeons
- Conduit Energy removed
- Easy Covenant swap
- Runecarving mats recycling
- Unlocked Legion Allied Races
- Heirloom Leveling Chests

Click here and see the detailed version for the QoL changes.

Stay tuned for more upcoming news about Shadowlands, on WoW Freakz!

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Patch Wind Up

As you all know, we announced N'zoth Mythic on January 10th, but to support the players, we decided to move the release date to Friday, January 7th.
At the same time, in order to stimulate the competition, we decided to offer you some extra bonuses!